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Labour waters down workers’ rights plan

Labour's plan to extend workers' rights will be gutted by 'consultation' with bosses unless trade unions fight back

Workers Power  ·  10 June 2024

Boycott Israel: workers’ sanctions are the way forward

The focus of the Palestine solidarity movement has shifted towards boycotting arms for Israel, but to succceed it needs international organisation.

George Banks  ·  22 April 2024

Starmer sets out his stall – for the bosses

By KD Tait In early September Keir Starmer reshuffled the shadow cabinet ready for a general election campaign, stuffing it with Blairite hardliners, friends to big business and sworn enemies of the left. Just as the Tory conference marked the beginning of the struggle for the leadership of the Conservatives in the wake of an […]

KD Tait  ·  13 October 2023

Organise the rank and file: an open letter to union activists and the left

An Open Letter to union activists and the left on the next steps for our movement

Workers Power  ·  11 July 2023

Bureaucrats behaving badly

The TUC has fined the NEU £153,000, bang in the middle of their strike campaign.

Workers Power  ·  04 June 2023

With dodgy deals looming, the rank and file must organise to seize control of the unions

Editorial June 2023, No. 404

Workers Power  ·  03 June 2023

The trade union rank and file today

By Jeremy Dewar STRIKES—ESPECIALLY a prolonged strike wave like the present—draw huge number of trade union members into activity, and expand the numbers of activists building for the action. There’s lots to do: organising workplace meetings to get out the message and identify new activists, phoning up members to check postal addresses and win the […]

Jeremy Dewar  ·  28 April 2023

What is the problem with the unions?

How can we get unions that fight?

Jeremy Dewar  ·  28 March 2023

All out on 1 February!

THE WORKING class is facing the most serious attack on its living standards since the introduction of austerity after the financial crisis of 2007–8. Workers have responded with the biggest wave of strike action since the 1980s. Millions of workers in the private and public sector have struck for pay rises to keep pace with […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

Defend workers’ incomes against inflation

INFLATION HAS reached its highest level since the 1980s. The November rate for the UK was 10.67%. Between September 2021 and September 2022, food prices increased by 14.5 percent. At the same time annual wages rises in the private sector stood at 6.7% and 2.9% in the public sector. The purchasing power of wages has […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

Rebuilding our movement

AS IMPORTANT as they are, these strikes are not the immediate answer for the whole working class. Given weak levels of unionisation and strikes in Britain since the 1980s and Thatcher, there must be a social movement against the high cost of living crisis—the poor, those on benefits, pensioners, low income workers and precarious sections […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

Organising from above: Review of A Collective Bargain by Jane McAlevey

Tim Nailsea reviews A Collective Bargain: Unions, Organising and the Fight for Democracy by Jane McAlevey

Tim Nailsea  ·  18 December 2022

‘Which side are you on?’ Labour has a crisis of leadership

Labour’s lead has narrowed to just four points.

George Banks  ·  13 September 2022

The limits of municipal socialism: A review of Radical Lambeth by Simon Hannah

Dave Stocking Radical Lambeth: 1978-1991 by Simon Hannah

Dave Stockton  ·  05 September 2022

Rail workers — escalate to win

By KD Tait THE RAILWAY NETWORK was brought to a standstill as 40,000 rail workers walked out in the first national strike for 30 years. The RMT union is taking action over a 3% pay offer and threats to jobs, pensions, working conditions and the safety of the railways. They were joined in London by […]

KD Tait  ·  22 June 2022

Marxism and the Trade Unions

What are they for?

Jeremy Dewar  ·  31 May 2022

May 1937: When Spanish workers rose up to defend their revolution

In the first week of May, 85 years ago, the tragic end to the Spanish revolution played out on the streets of Barcelona.

Chris Clough  ·  30 April 2022

Why Just Eat couriers are striking, and how you can support them

The base rate of pay for deliveries has been reduced by 24%.

Alex Rutherford  ·  29 April 2022

We need to rejuvenate the labour movement

Editorial May 2022, No. 393

Jeremy Dewar  ·  27 April 2022

Cost of living: We need industrial and social resistance

We face the worst cost of living crisis in living memory.

Urte March  ·  13 April 2022

Unite investigates scab officials

The only way to ensure that union officials will never again sell out their own members to the bosses and the state is to democratise our unions.

Tim Nailsea  ·  07 February 2022

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