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The great strike wave showed millions of people the potential power of collective action. But in every struggle our movement is held back by a leadership which is committed to working within the system.

Our newspaper exists to fight for an alternative strategy and a new leadership that fights to turn every struggle into a conscious fight against the whole profit system.

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The capitalists have their press—we need our own. But our press is different. It is a weapon in the hands of class fighters. Instead of a mirror reflecting the evils of capitalism, it is the cutting edge of a revolutionary programme.

It is distributed in workplaces, on picket lines, in schools and universities. Wherever workers and youth fight back, our press exists to clarify the tactics and strategy our movement needs to win the struggle for power.

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As well as Workers Power, we encourage all our readers to subscribe to Fifth International, which is published quarterly by our international tendency, the League for the Fifth International.

The magazine features longer articles looking at key aspects of the class struggle around the world—with a particular focus on revolutionary strategy and the fight for a new International.

Issue 24 contains a major article looking at the features and problems of the Chinese system as the Communist Party leadership prepares for the country to become the pre-eminent challenger to the US-dominated world order.

It also features articles on the resurgence of the global far right, analysis of the world economy, and the international perspectives from our last Congress.

As the imperialist order established following the collapse of the USSR comes under increasing pressures from new rivals in the East, Fifth International exists to clarify the programmatic questions and defend a revolutionary policy in this period of intensifying class struggles, wars and revolutions.

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