End the siege of Gaza!

Israel’s new war threatens a second Nakba. As long as the Zionist state colonises and exploits Palestine, there can be no justice and no peace.

Islamism, terrorism and Palestinian liberation

Jeremy Dewar  •  28 November 2023

Unison rank and file want to get organised

Workers Power  •  15 November 2023

Organise a workers boycott of Israel

KD Tait  •  13 November 2023

Pakistan: Stop the racist war on Afghan refugees!

Minerwa Tahir  •  15 November 2023

End the siege of Gaza!

Workers Power  •  20 October 2023

The latest issue of Fifth International magazine featuring analysis of China, the world economy, reviews and more

A tale of three rank-and-file conferences

Rob Schofield  •  13 October 2023

UK going to Raac and ruin

Workers Power  •  01 September 2023

Inflation, debt and troublemakers at work…

Workers Power  •  13 July 2023

Industrial bulletin: How can health strikes win?

Workers Power  •  19 September 2023

Starmer doubles down on support for Israel’s war

George Banks  •  21 November 2023

How can we spread the boycott campaign?

Andy Yorke  •  13 November 2023

Marxism and the Trade Unions

Our new book examines the contribution to trade union strategy and tactics made by the 1920s Militant Minority Movement, the Communist International, and the Rank and File movements of the 1970s.

The problem with ‘Just Stop Oil’

Alex Rutherford  •  27 July 2023

Why Russia is an imperialist power

Markus Lehner  •  03 July 2023

Review: The Last Colony by Philippe Sands

Jeremy Dewar  •  16 October 2023

Review: One State by Ghada Karmi

Urte March  •  16 October 2023

Class struggle bulletin

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