The Rank & File’s Next Step

Our new pamphlet analyses the Great Strike Wave and makes the case for a new rank and file movement to transform the unions.

Health strikes: future of NHS at stake

Workers Power  •  19 September 2023

For a rank and file movement in the CWU

Workers Power  •  04 June 2023

Hindu extremism provokes ethnic cleansing in Manipur

Bernie McAdam  •  16 September 2023

The latest issue of Fifth International magazine featuring analysis of China, the world economy, reviews and more

UK going to Raac and ruin

Workers Power  •  01 September 2023

Inflation, debt and troublemakers at work…

Workers Power  •  13 July 2023

Industrial bulletin: How can health strikes win?

Workers Power  •  19 September 2023

Refugee prison hulk plumbs new depths of mistreatment

Millie Collins  •  16 September 2023

The problem with ‘Just Stop Oil’

Alex Rutherford  •  27 July 2023

Marxism and the Trade Unions

Our new book examines the contribution to trade union strategy and tactics made by the 1920s Militant Minority Movement, the Communist International, and the Rank and File movements of the 1970s.

Why Russia is an imperialist power

Markus Lehner  •  03 July 2023

Investigating the new proletariat

Marcel Rajecky  •  05 June 2023

Class struggle bulletin

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