Who we are

WORKERS POWER is a revolutionary communist organisation.

We support all workers in struggle against the bosses. We fight to turn every struggle into a conscious fight against the whole profit system. It is the system that is the problem, not just this or that employer or government.

Behind the Tories and their billionaire backers lies the capitalist system. It is a system that puts millions on the dole, seeks to drive down wages and destroys the environment. It is a system that diverts attention from its crimes by bloody wars, and by dividing up the workers amongst themselves by promoting racism and sexism.

We want to destroy that system and replace it with one where production is guided by the needs of the many, not the profits of the few. That means taking the wealth of society; the banks and the major firms, into the hands of the working class and drawing up a democratic plan of production under workers’ control.

To get this we have to smash the capitalist state; the police, courts, army and judiciary and replace it with a new kind of state based on democratically elected and accountable workers’ councils.

The working class has the power to do this. It is rediscovering its enormous power to defeat the bosses through strike action. We think that power should be used to smash capitalism and build a new kind of society without poverty, oppression and war.

If you want to fight for socialism, internationalism and revolution – join Workers Power today.

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