Who we are

We are a revolutionary communist organisation fighting to replace capitalism with international socialism – the common ownership and democratic planning of the economy in the interests of people and planet.

Our goal is communism: a classless society which heralds the end of exploitation, oppression and conflict and the liberation of humanity’s true potential.

How we organise

We intervene into the mass organisations of our class, progressive struggles and social movements, helping to build and democratise them, taking part in their debates so as to win them to an effective anti-capitalist strategy, based on the class struggle and on workers’ self-organisation, mass action and anti-capitalist policies.

The liberation of the working class must be the act of the working class itself. That’s why our programme centres on the building of fighting organisations of the working class ­– factory committees, industrial unions, councils of action, and workers’ defence organisations.

Class struggle

In the trade unions we fight for a programme which links today’s struggles with the need to abolish exploitation by overthrowing capitalism itself. We campaign for the abolition of all anti-union laws and for workers’ self-defence on the picket line. We aim to organise the militant minority in a rank and file movement which campaigns for control over strikes and negotiations, and the regular election and recallability of all union officials, whose salaries should be fixed at the average wage of their members.


No platform for fascists. Against all immigration controls. We support the international Black Lives Matter mobilisations against police killings. We fight the discrimination, deportations and harassment meted out to people of colour by the police. We stand for the right of Black and Asian people to organise their self-defence, and for the duty of the labour movement to help them.

Women’s liberation

We fight for the complete social, legal and political equality of women. Equal pay for equal work. Free abortion and contraception on demand. We stand for a working class women’s movement as an integral part of the labour movement. Only a socialist economy run by the working class can socialise unpaid housework and care, which is the precondition for the emancipation of women.

End social oppression

We fight for the liberation of LGBT and disabled people from the persecution and discrimination that is their lot under capitalism. We fight against the oppression and super-exploitation of youth at the hands of the family, the state and employers.

National liberation

A nation that oppresses another can never itself be free. We unconditionally support all those fighting against imperialism or national oppression, while fighting for socialist, not nationalist, leadership of those struggles. Self-determination for Kashmir and Xinjiang. For a single, secular state in Israel-Palestine. We stand for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all British troops from Ireland and overseas bases. Britain out of Nato. Replace the standing army with a workers’ militia.

A revolutionary party

The principal obstacle to the victory of the working class resistance is the leadership of the working class movement itself. From social-democrats (Labour) through to the mainstream Communist parties with their Stalinist ideology, the mass political parties of the working class movement have long since abandoned the road of revolution. Their reformist ideology not only obscures the road to working class power, but systematically disorganises resistance to the health, economic, and environmental crises today. We do not claim to be ‘the party’, as so many groups on the left do. We argue for our programme, our tactics and strategy within the working class vanguard. Our goal is the creation of a genuine, mass revolutionary party.

The Fifth International

As well as new revolutionary parties, the working class needs a new revolutionary International. There have been four revolutionary communist international parties. Today only the degenerated fragments of the Fourth remain. The new International will be the Fifth. It has huge but vital tasks.

Workers Power is the British section of the League for the Fifth International which exists to agitate for the creation of a new world party of socialist revolution, whose emergence is the precondition for the working class conquest of power and the establishment of the world socialist order.

If you want to fight for socialism, internationalism and revolution – join Workers Power today.

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