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Workers Power is an organisation of revolutionary communists. Our members fight for a revolutionary programme and leadership in the trade unions, the social movements, and wherever working class and the oppressed organise and fight back. We fight to turn every struggle into a conscious fight against the whole profit system. It is the system that is the problem, not just this or that employer, government or law.

Capitalism is in crisis. Inflation, pandemic, climate change and war are the symptoms of a system in decline. They are prompting resistance everywhere. But the leaders of the Labour Party and trade unions have no alternative. Their solutions are not put forward based on what workers need — but with the aim of rescuing this bankrupt system.

We believe there are two key tasks facing revolutionaries today:

Put the labour movement on a fighting footing: The trade unions should be instruments for class war, not class collaboration. But the trade union bureaucracy — left and right — has made its peace with capitalism. This means fighting to dissolve the bureaucracy by making all Labour and trade union officials subject to regular re-election, with the right of recall, and paid the average of those they represent. Democracy means strikers’ control over all strikes and negotiations. In the workplace we fight for factory committees and industrial unions linked to the fight for workers’ control of production. To unite working class resistance and lay the basis for workers’ democracy, we work to build fighting organisations of the working class — councils of action and workers’ defence organisations.

Build a revolutionary party and International: The struggle for socialism requires not a ‘new’ Labour party committed to elections and governing a capitalist state, but a party of a new type — a combat party of dedicated activists based on a strategy which links today’s struggles to the fight for workers’ power. It would unite not only the most committed youth and worker activists in Britain but across the world in a new international party of world socialist revolution—a Fifth International.

We need a revolution: Behind the Tories and their billionaire backers lies the capitalist system. It is a system that puts millions on the dole, seeks to drive down wages and destroys the environment. Pandemics, inflation, famine and climate change are the symptoms of a system in crisis.

We want to replace this system with one where production is guided by the needs of the many, not the profits of the few. That means taking the wealth of society, the banks and the major firms, into the hands of the working class and drawing up a democratic plan of production under workers’ control.

To get this we have to break the resistance of the capitalist state: the police, courts, army and judiciary and replace it with a new kind of state based on democratically elected and accountable workers’ councils.

The working class has the power to do this. It is rediscovering its potential to defeat the bosses through strike action. We think that power should be used to smash capitalism and build a new kind of society without poverty, oppression and war.

We fight for a working class unity and a revolutionary party based on a programme of action:

If you agree with what you’ve read—join us.

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