India: Modi’s bid for Hindu Rashtra

India's prime minister seeks a parliamentary supermajority that would allow his Hindu nationalist coalition to amend the country's secular constitution.

Workers Power  ·  20 April 2024

After the Two Sessions: Where is China Going?

China is facing serious economic problems.

Workers Power  ·  16 April 2024

Sri Lanka: release student leaders!

  Statement of the Socialist Party of Sri Lanka, section of the League for the Fifth International Two student leaders, Sanjeewa Bandara, Convenor of the Inter University Student Federation, IUSF, and Kimbullawe Chandrananda, Convenor of the Inter University Bhikku Federation, IUBF, have been detained by police in the capital, Colombo. Both were arrested on grounds […]

Workers Power  ·  18 July 2013

Class struggle bulletin

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