What’s behind the split in the NPA?

The Revolutionary Communist Current claims it has been expelled from the New Anticapitalist Party in France. What's really going on?

Martin Suchanek  ·  21 June 2021

Macron declares war on ‘Islamic separatism’

New law is an attack on France's Muslim population.

Kady Tait and Dave Stockton  ·  09 February 2021

EU averts fresh crisis with budget compromise

By Jürgen Roth After weeks of wrangling with Poland and Hungary, the German Council presidency just managed to avoid the EU’s next looming disaster. On Thursday, December 10, 2020, the European Council summit, the meeting of European heads of state and government, agreed on a compromise. The budget with multi-annual financial framework for the years […]

Red Flag  ·  18 December 2020

France: down with the ‘security’ laws and police impunity!

By Marc Lassalle – PARIS The second wave of the pandemic, combined with a second month-long lockdown, are certainly far from the best conditions to organise a fight back against President Emmanuel Macron’s draconian new global security law. However, his government is suddenly being confronted with major resistance: more than one hundred thousand marched on […]

Red Flag  ·  30 November 2020

Lesbos: The migrant crisis is a humanitarian crisis

Refugees still stranded on Lesbos.

Samuel George  ·  10 November 2020

Poland: Mass protests and strikes against abortion ban

Mass protests in Poland for abortion rights.

Aventina Holzer and Martin Suchanek  ·  01 November 2020

Austria: Local elections in Vienna and a new Left organisation

By Workers’ Standpoint, Austrian section of the League for the Fifth International In the recent local elections in Vienna, the biggest city in Austria with about one third of the country’s population, our Austrian section was part of a new left election project called LINKS (German for “left”). These elections, although only regional, are comparatively […]

Red Flag  ·  23 October 2020

Belarus protests at an impasse after ten weeks

Anti-regime protests in Belarus are continuing for a tenth week, but the regime has consolidated control with the help of the police and military.

Urte March  ·  21 October 2020

Belarus: From rigged elections to open revolt

By Urte March The uprising in Belarus has reached a decisive point, as President Alexander Lukashenko told workers demanding his resignation and democratic elections, “as long as you don’t kill me, there won’t be any other elections”. A wave of popular protests and strikes has swept the country since Lukashenko claimed a landslide victory in […]

Urte March  ·  18 August 2020

Germany: The second wave of the corona-sceptics?

By Wilhelm Schulz It was an eerie sight: up to 30,000 corona “sceptics” and direct deniers of the pandemic demonstrating in Berlin on August 1. The organisers of the so-called hygiene demonstrations mobilised from all over Germany to celebrate the supposed end of the corona pandemic. The number of new daily infections recorded worldwide is […]

Red Flag  ·  03 August 2020

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