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Editorial: A Labour government will open a new terrain of struggle

To fight for anticapitalist measures to tackle war, poverty and climate change--we need a revolutionary workers' party

Workers Power  ·  13 June 2024

The general election and the tasks of the working class

The workers' movement has to put Labour on notice that it can expect no honeymoon

Workers Power  ·  12 June 2024

Is the NHS safe in Labour’s hands?

Privatisation is here to stay

Workers Power  ·  09 June 2024

Will GB Energy have the power to tackle climate change?

Labour's energy plan amounts to little more than state subsidies for big energy companies

Workers Power  ·  08 June 2024

Keir Starmer gets his betrayals in early

Rachel Reeve's 'smoked salmon offensive' must be met with a workers' offensive

Workers Power  ·  07 March 2024

Starmer’s dirty tricks sabotage parliament ceasefire call

Labour avoided a major rebellion by trampling on democracy -- a habit Keir Starmer is becoming fond of

Workers Power  ·  23 February 2024

Tories take aim at migrant workers as Brexit drives immigration to record high

Keir Starmer and Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper are desperate not to be viewed as ‘soft on migrants’.

George Banks  ·  14 January 2024

The class struggle in 2024

Great power rivalry is back. That means more wars, more coups — and an end to the farce of global cooperation on climate change. On the home front, a general election is a chance for workers to put our demands on the agenda.

KD Tait  ·  12 January 2024

For Workers’ Action To break links with Israel

Britain is a key link in Israel’s war machine, selling weapons, conducting research, and investing pension funds. It’s time to the break the link—no cooperation with occupation!

Dave Stockton  ·  12 January 2024

Labour MPs defy leadership to vote for ceasefire

Mass pressure is having an effect.

Workers Power  ·  16 November 2023

Labour commits to Tory spending plans

Tories and Labour have moved into election mode.

Peter Main  ·  13 November 2023

Why we defend ‘from the river to the sea’

Andy MacDonald, Labour MP for Middlesbrough, has been suspended for using the phrase.

Workers Power  ·  13 November 2023

Starmer doubles down on support for Israel’s war

Dozens of councillors have resigned, and Labour have tried to frame dissent as a 'Muslim issue'.

George Banks  ·  13 November 2023

What does a Labour Government mean for workers?

By Dave Stockton As we go to press, the Labour Party Conference is assembling in Liverpool. With its many fringe events it has been promoted as the largest such gathering in years. But it will be unlike the gatherings of social movement activists in the Corbyn years. The Guardian reported in September that a total […]

Dave Stockton  ·  13 October 2023

Starmer sets out his stall – for the bosses

By KD Tait In early September Keir Starmer reshuffled the shadow cabinet ready for a general election campaign, stuffing it with Blairite hardliners, friends to big business and sworn enemies of the left. Just as the Tory conference marked the beginning of the struggle for the leadership of the Conservatives in the wake of an […]

KD Tait  ·  13 October 2023

Resist the Tories’ carnival of reaction

It’s time for them to go.

George Banks  ·  13 October 2023

Israel bombs Jenin while its West Bank settlers run amok

Israel launches deadly raid into the occupied territories

Dave Stockton  ·  04 July 2023

Starmer’s ‘five missions’ offer little to the working class

After the local elections, Starmer's Labour looks set to enter government. With the parliamentary left defeated we must organise to force workers' demands onto their agenda

George Banks  ·  03 June 2023

Starmer v Sunak

By Alex Rutherford WITH A new winter of discontent, rising prices, a growing strike wave and scandals ranging from tax penalties to kidnapped child refugees, it is no wonder that many commentators are predicting that Rishi Sunak’s career as Prime Minister may be a short one. From the perspective of the working class, the shorter […]

Alex Rutherford  ·  07 February 2023

Leftwing candidate excluded in Labour HQ stitch-up

Members should boycott this fraudulent selection.

Jeremy Dewar  ·  02 November 2022

‘Which side are you on?’ Labour has a crisis of leadership

Labour’s lead has narrowed to just four points.

George Banks  ·  13 September 2022

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