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Nationalism and the working class

The working class is an international class.

Mel Astbury  ·  26 January 2021

Why Labour should support the Scots’ right to a referendum

By KD Tait Faced with record levels of support for Scottish independence in the run-up to Holyrood elections in May, Labour leader Keir Starmer has resorted to a tried and busted remedy patented by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. In a keynote speech on 21 December, Starmer claimed he was offering “a positive alternative to […]

KD Tait  ·  20 January 2021

Labour: no responsibility for Johnson’s Brexit!

By KD Tait Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will be voted on by Parliament this week. With an 80-seat majority, the deal is certain to pass. It has already been unanimously backed by the remaining 27 EU member states. The campaign to leave the EU, based on the nationalist myth of reclaiming British ‘sovereignty’ was a […]

Red Flag  ·  29 December 2020

Open Letter: We need a united fight against Starmer’s purge

The Labour leadership is attempting to drive the left out of the party. In the past few weeks, over 100 elected branch and constituency officers have been suspended, including 54 on 19 December alone. In November, General Secretary David Evans issued a ban on CLPs discussing his suspension of Jeremy Corbyn. This attack on the […]

Red Flag  ·  22 December 2020

Paul Embery: When the dog whistle becomes tedious

A review of Despised by Paul Embery

Tim Nailsea  ·  08 December 2020

Brexit talks hang in the balance

Deal or no deal, the working class loses.

Tim Nailsea  ·  13 November 2020

Model motion (TU branches): Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

Model Motion on Corbyn’s suspension for trade unions This branch notes: That the Labour Party leadership has suspended Jeremy Corbyn MP from the party and removed the parliamentary whip, ostensibly due to his statement regarding the EHRC’s report on antisemitism in the Labour Party. That the EHRC report states: “Article 10 will protect Labour Party […]

Red Flag  ·  13 November 2020

Shut down schools and colleges now

We need to prepare to take action.

A Unison Steward  ·  10 November 2020

Bristol West stands with Jeremy Corbyn

Bristol West CLP demands Corbyn is reinstated.

Tim Nailsea  ·  10 November 2020

Health vs the economy: what’s the best way out of the pandemic?

For a zero-covid strategy.

Jeremy Dewar  ·  08 November 2020

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