Model motions

Model motion: A united front against the crisis

This model motion is being put to trade union branches and local trades councils by members and supporters of Workers Power with the aim of bringing together the labour movement, socialist organisations and working class communities to build a mass social movement to defend jobs, pay and living standards. Let us know if you pass […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

Motion (TU branches): Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

A motion for use in trade unions opposing Keir Starmer's suspension of Jeremy Corbyn

Workers Power  ·  13 November 2020

Motion (CLPs): Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

A motion for use in Labour Parties, opposing Keir Starmer's suspension of Jeremy Corbyn

Workers Power  ·  30 October 2020

Motion: Workers’ action against the covid-19 pandemic

A motion passed by Lambeth Unison's branch committee

A Unison Steward  ·  27 March 2020

Motion: Stop the coup – stop No Deal

A motion opposing Boris Johnson's attempt to prorogue parliament to avoid scrutiny of his hard Brexit deal

Workers Power  ·  30 August 2019

Motion: Oppose US regime change in Venezuela

A motion opposing the attempted US-backed coup in Venezuela

Workers Power  ·  06 February 2019

Motion: Solidarity with the people of Brazil

A motion for use in promoting solidarity with the people of Brazil following the election of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro

Workers Power  ·  14 November 2018

Motion: Build a united front against racism and fascism

A motion to support the launch of Labour Against Racism and Fascism

Workers Power  ·  19 October 2018

Motion: Vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn

A motion of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn's leadership during the PLP coup

Workers Power  ·  04 July 2016

Motion: Organise to defeat Labour rebels

A motion mobilising support for Jeremy Corbyn's re-election

Workers Power  ·  28 June 2016

Motion: Defend Corbyn’s leadership from right-wing coup

A motion opposing the PLP's coup against Jeremy Corbyn

Workers Power  ·  26 June 2016

Motion: Labour councils should oppose local government cuts

A motion committing Labour branches to opposing local government budget cuts

Workers Power  ·  26 January 2016

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