Motion: Vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn

04 July 2016

Please feel free to use this as a template. If you pass this motion, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

This branch/constituency notes:

1. That the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn was elected to his post in September 2015 with a huge majority and 251,000 votes, more than all other candidates combined
2. That many of the party’s existing sitting MPs did not support him, because of his consistent anti-austerity, anti-war and socialist policies
3. That since September the Party has won a series of electoral contests, including by-elections in Oldham and Tooting, the Council elections at which we matched our previous historic high vote, and the Mayoral elections.
4. That the leader of the party campaigned energetically for a Remain vote in the EU referendum and secured two thirds of our party’s voters for Remain, a higher proportion than even the SNP secured for Remain in Scotland
5. That immediately after the referendum, a group of Labour MPs who never supported our current leader launched a campaign to pressure him into resigning his post
6. That they raised a succession of unjustified claims to support their campaign, including that a leader elected by the membership should not hold their post without the support of a majority of MPs who never backed him; that Jeremy “cannot” deliver electoral success; and that Jeremy “did not campaign effectively” for a Remain vote in the referendum
7. That they did this for a week, without declaring a formal leadership challenge, in the hope that Jeremy would stand down without an election
8. That Jeremy Corbyn declared that he would not stand down, explaining that to do so would represent a betrayal of the 251,000 people that voted him into office.

This branch/constituency believes:

9. That Jeremy Corbyn is the legitimate, democratically elected, leader of our party, with a clear mandate
10. That MPs should recognise his mandate and recognise the sovereignty of the party membership
11. That the MPs’ attempt to force Jeremy to resign without a democratic vote is a reprehensible campaign to thwart the will of the party and undermine its democratic processes.

This branch/constituency resolves:

12. To declare its support for Jeremy Corbyn
13. To write to the Southwark News, The Guardian, The Independent, the New Statesman and Labour List, attaching a copy of this motion, declaring our support for Jeremy publicly

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