Motion: Oppose US regime change in Venezuela

06 February 2019

This Ward/CLP notes

  1. The declaration by Juan Guaido that he is the rightful president of Venezuela has triggered a huge political crisis in that country.
  2. The deep economic crisis in Venezuela, which has multiple causes, among them US imposed sanctions, the collapse in the price of oil post-2009, and sabotage of the economy by the Venezuelan capitalists, as well as the policies of the Nicolas Maduro’s government.
  3. The rapid and co-ordinated acceptance of Guaido’s declaration first by the US 20 other countries, including the UK, France, Germany and the EU, demanding that he be acknowledged as the president instead of Maduro.
  4. The threats of further economic sanctions, including seizing the assets of the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, and even a military intervention by the US or its right wing allies in Colombia or Brazil.

This Ward/CLP believes

  1. This has all the hallmarks of a planned coup with Donald Trump’s administration in the US at the centre.
  2. Any success in ousting Maduro and imposing Guaido will precipitate the destruction of the social gains and rights of workers, the urban and rural poor, black and indigenous peoples, and lead to repression against the militants of trade union, socialist and popular movements.
  3. All internationalists and socialists, despite any justified criticisms they have of Maduro’s regime, should now mobilise to stop this imperialist coup.

This Ward/CLP resolves

  1. To mobilise our members and supporters to protest vigorously against the coup and its supporters, both in Venezuela and internationally, particularly the British Government.
  2. To call on Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry to defend the self-determination of the Venezuelan people by demanding the end of all economic and political sanctions against Venezuela.
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