The 2007 Postal Strike and the struggles beyond

A new introduction to our pamphlet on the 2007 Postal Strike.

A CWU Rep  ·  20 December 2022

Motion: Stop the coup – stop No Deal

A motion opposing Boris Johnson's attempt to prorogue parliament to avoid scrutiny of his hard Brexit deal

Workers Power  ·  30 August 2019

Stop Brexit – by any means necessary

Our leaflet for the 23 March for a People's Vote

Workers Power  ·  23 March 2019

Motion: Oppose US regime change in Venezuela

A motion opposing the attempted US-backed coup in Venezuela

Workers Power  ·  06 February 2019

[LEAFLET] Labour: Kick out the Tories

Download the pdf The general election was a disaster for the Tories. Theresa May had to bribe the DUP £1 billion to join her coalition of chaos.

Workers Power  ·  30 June 2017

Class struggle bulletin

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