Motion (TU branches): Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

13 November 2020

Model Motion on Corbyn’s suspension for trade unions

This branch notes:

  1. That the Labour Party leadership has suspended Jeremy Corbyn MP from the party and removed the parliamentary whip, ostensibly due to his statement regarding the EHRC’s report on antisemitism in the Labour Party.
  2. That the EHRC report states: “Article 10 will protect Labour Party members who, for example, make legitimate criticisms of the Israeli government, or express their opinions on internal Party matters, such as the scale of antisemitism within the Party, based on their own experience and within the law.”

    This branch believes:
  3. That Jeremy Corbyn MP is a socialist and life-long fighter against racism inside and outside the Labour Party.
  4. That his suspension is a politically motivated attack against the left of the Labour Party by the leadership.

    This branch resolves:
  5. To condemn Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension and to demand his unconditional reinstatement to the party.
  6. To call on our executive to suspend payment of affiliation fees until this happens.
  7. To instruct our CLP delegates to oppose any and all politically motivated disciplinary actions against the left by the leadership.
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Class struggle bulletin

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