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Motion: Build a united front against racism and fascism

19 October 2018

This motion was passed by Dulwich and West Norwood CLP. Please let us know if you pass through your ward/CLP.

Building a united front against racism and fascism

This branch/CLP notes

  1. This year has seen the largest mobilisation of far-right forces on the streets of London in decades, with thousands marching under the banner of defending Tommy Robinson, free speech, and scapegoating migrants.
  2. Recently released government data shows a 17% surge in hate crime offences in the last year, with “spikes in hate crime following certain events such as the EU referendum and the terrorist attacks in 2017”.
  3. These developments are part of a global upsurge in the popularity of far-right groups and ideologies, evidenced in the near-certain election of neo-fascist Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, alt-right American leader Steve Bannon building influence in Europe through international networks, far-right pogroms in Chemnitz, and the virulent sexist, chauvinist, and anti-semitic policies of Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Italy’s Mateo Salvini.
  4. While Labour has always been a proudly antirascist party in name, its record on mobilising members to oppose the far right on the streets and actively supporting anti-racist organisations has been mixed.
  5. John McDonnell has called for a new national anti-racist campaign based in the Labour movement to resist racism and the growth of the far right.

This branch/CLP believes

  1. Labour Party members have a responsibility to actively oppose racism in all its forms.
  2. Far-right ideas are a menace to the livelihood of migrants, BAME people, women, LGBTQ+ people and other oppressed groups, and constitute a growing threat to socialist projects globally.
  3. Fascist street movements are most effectively confronted by direct opposition from self- organised groups based in the working class.

This branch/CLP resolves

  1. To mobilise a maximum number of local members for the National Unity Demonstration Against Racism and Fascism on 17th November, and all other upcoming antifascist demonstrations.
    2. To prioritise antifascist demonstrations and actions with a stated aim of actively preventing the far right from marching and spreading their oppressive ideas, including supporting the creation of a national stewards organisation to defend our demonstrations and communities from far right violence.
    3. To support other CLPs in mobilising members for the same demonstrations, including coordinating joint meeting points where appropriate.
    4. To support and engage with Labour Against Racism and Fascism, a Labour Party initiative which is currently developing its aims and activities, and call for urgent action by the Labour Party leadership in building a national campaign.
    5. To support local and national initiatives which contribute to a culture of antiracism and antifascism within the Labour movement.
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