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Statement: The danger of war over Ukraine

Putin’s threat to invade, let alone any actual invasion, must be condemned by all socialists and democrats.

Workers Power  ·  25 January 2022

Escalating anti-migrant aggression in Eastern Europe exposes EU hypocrisy

Horrific scenes of families starving and freezing on the Belarusian border represent a new low for human rights in the recent history of Europe.

Urte March  ·  08 December 2021

Refugees victimised in EU-Belarus ‘hybrid war’

By Urte March ON THE border between Belarus and its EU neighbours— Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania—refugees from the global south are once again being used as pawns in a vicious inter-state power struggle. Embattled Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has been accused by the EU of manufacturing a migrant ‘crisis’ for the EU in retaliation for […]

Urte March  ·  29 October 2021

Aukus is an escalation of inter-imperialist rivalry

By Alex Rutherford The Aukus security pact between Australia, the UK and the US represents one of the most dramatic moves yet taken by the United States to counter the threat to its interests posed by its largest imperialist rival, China. It also represents a brutal snub to France and by extension to the European […]

Alex Rutherford  ·  09 October 2021

EU averts fresh crisis with budget compromise

By Jürgen Roth After weeks of wrangling with Poland and Hungary, the German Council presidency just managed to avoid the EU’s next looming disaster. On Thursday, December 10, 2020, the European Council summit, the meeting of European heads of state and government, agreed on a compromise. The budget with multi-annual financial framework for the years […]

Workers Power  ·  18 December 2020

Brexit talks hang in the balance

Deal or no deal, the working class loses.

Tim Nailsea  ·  13 November 2020

Lesbos: The migrant crisis is a humanitarian crisis

Refugees still stranded on Lesbos.

George Banks  ·  10 November 2020

Poland: Mass protests and strikes against abortion ban

Mass protests in Poland for abortion rights.

Aventina Holzer and Martin Suchanek  ·  01 November 2020

Double bluff or full throttle towards the Brexit precipice?

What happened to the "oven ready" Brexit?

Dave Stockton  ·  13 September 2020

Refugees in the Aegean or the Channel – let them come to Britain!

Fires have destroyed the Moria “camp”.

Dave Stockton  ·  10 September 2020

A socialist solution to the capitalist crisis

In this excerpt from our new European Action Programme we argue that there is no national solution to the crisis since all major questions require transformation of the whole continent.

Workers Power  ·  21 September 2019

The fight for a United Socialist Europe

In this excerpt from our new European Action Programme we argue that there is no national solution to the crisis since all major questions require transformation of the whole continent

Workers Power  ·  21 September 2019

For a Socialist United States of Europe

Meeting in Lisbon in March 2000, the leaders of the European Union, on the initiative of its dominant powers, Germany and France, pledged to "make Europe, by 2010, the most competitive and the most dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world". Two decades later, the European Union has instead become the “weakest link” in the imperialist world order.

Workers Power  ·  06 September 2019

Free Captain Rackete

The arrest of the captain of the Sea Watch 3 triggered a storm of indignation throughout Europe. On Lampedusa, it was not only the thugs of the racist Interior Minister and Lega leader Salvini who met the 31-year-old Carola Rackete, who took her ship into the port on the night of 28-29 June. Many demonstrators also loudly expressed their solidarity with the courageous woman.

Workers Power  ·  09 July 2019

A crisis of leadership among the French working class

The current situation in France is characterised by a turn to the right, a severe weakening of working class consciousness and the rise of “classless” populism, all in conditions of greatly increased social and political instability.

Workers Power  ·  09 July 2019

EU elections: why Anti-Brexit Socialists should still vote Labour

Despite the confusion caused by Labour's fudged Brexit position, internationalist Labour voters should not abandon the party for the Greens or the Lib Dems at the EU Elections.

Workers Power  ·  22 May 2019

‘No to Nationalism’ rallies in Germany and Austria before EU vote

Tens of thousands of people have mobilised in cities across Germany and Austria in opposition to the “surge” in right-wing populism, nationalism and anti-migrant racism promoted by parties like the Alternative für Deutschland, AfD, and the Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ, just days before the European Parliament elections.

Workers Power  ·  22 May 2019

Spain heads to the polls

Spain heads to the polls on 28th April in a snap election which has exposed the political bankruptcy of all five main parties and threatens to propel the far right to power.

Urte March  ·  04 May 2019

The Working Class supports free movement, Labour must too

FBU Executive Council Member Paul Embery claims the working class oppose freedom of movement in the EU. But polling shows this is far from the case.

Rob Schofield  ·  08 April 2019

Stop Brexit – by any means necessary

Our leaflet for the 23 March for a People's Vote

Workers Power  ·  23 March 2019

Review: The Left Case Against The EU

Andy Yorke reviews The Left Case Against the EU by Costas Lapavitsas

Workers Power  ·  29 January 2019

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