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Vote for NUS left slate

06 February 2011

National Union of Students President Aaron Porter will be facing an election challenge at this years NUS conference, as left-wing student activists announced they would group together to form an anti-cuts, anti-fees slate.
Joana Pinto, press officer for the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, and Workers Power member, will be standing for the Vice President Union Development position.
Joana thanked those who are supporting her. “I am standing alongside an amazing team.”
A united left slate brings the possibility of radically changing the NUS.
Candidates have agreed to use the elections to campaign for an NUS that fights for free education with protests ,occupations, and direct action against all the cuts. They aim to bring students into a wider struggle against war, racism and poverty.
The slate
• President: Mark Bergfeld
• Vice President Higher Education: Michael Chessum
• Vice President Further Education: Ruby Hirsch
• Vice President Union Development: Joana Pinto
• Vice President Welfare: Sean Rillo Raczka
• Vice President Society and Citizenship: Aaron Kiely

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