Leeds uni students demand ‘war criminal off campus’

Students have occupied Leeds university to demand its implement the boycott of Israel.

Workers Power  ·  10 March 2024

Universities bulletin: Democratic control and escalation

Universities bulletin for 30 November 2022

Workers Power  ·  30 November 2022

Universities bulletin: We need all out action to win

Universities bulletin for 1 December 2021

Workers Power  ·  01 December 2021

Universities bulletin: Working conditions are our learning conditions

Universities bulletin for 16 November 2021

Workers Power  ·  16 November 2021

How can students fight for change?

An explosion of student activism needs national coordination and a common strategy

Joe Crathorne  ·  27 August 2021

Students strike against university management

Manchester students have occupied a university building.

Joe Crathorne  ·  12 November 2020

Locked-down students betrayed by uni bosses: #RentStrike now!

Government mismanagement and landlord profiteering has left students locked up in highly expensive accommodation which is rapidly becoming an incubator for the virus.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  02 October 2020

UCU: No capitulation – fight on to victory

Up and down the country university workers are holding meetings and rallies to reject the proposed deal proposed between the UCU and university employers. Dozens of branches have already voted to reject the deal before a meeting of the union’s Higher Education Committee this afternoon. The proposed deal agreed between the UCU and UUK is […]

Workers Power  ·  13 March 2018

Police, politicians and the NUS can't stop the fight for free education

By KD Tait 2014 was the year the student movement moved decisively from the defensive to the offensive. Tax the rich to fund education for all was the demand that mobilised 10,000 students to march on parliament for the first time since 2010. The demonstration succeeded in spite of the sabotage attempted by the national […]

Workers Power  ·  12 December 2014

On 19 November students can put free education back on the agenda

  By KD Tait The ritual central London march for free education, a staple of the student activist’s Autumn calendar for 15 years, has been called for 19 November by a coalition of student campaigns under the slogan ‘no to debt, no to fees – yes to free education’. The defeat of the 2010 student […]

Workers Power  ·  03 November 2014

Police retreat – students take the street

  credit: @ailiahrizvi Thousands of students defied the protest ban and demonstrated on the Bloomsbury campus of University of London, before marching to the Royal Courts of Justice to show solidarity with Mark Duggan’s family, writes KD Tait. The police were completely absent – ordered off the streets by their commanders, panicked into retreat by […]

Workers Power  ·  12 December 2013

Sussex shows the way!

By KD Tait Students at Sussex university will walk out tomorrow* in support of five students suspended for taking part in recent protests against privatisation. The students have been unilaterally suspended from their courses and banned from going onto campus. A petition calling for their reinstatement has gathered over 8,000 signatures in less than week. […]

Workers Power  ·  09 December 2013

To kick out the market, first kick the cops off campus!

By KD Tait University bosses have launched a crackdown against a wave of student occupations. The suppression of the right to protest signals the start of the final offensive in the struggle to complete the marketization of Higher Education. Injunctions have been used to ban all protests at several universities. Where students rejected the rulings […]

Workers Power  ·  08 December 2013

Open letter: Grave concerns over NCAFC 5 June conference

From anticuts.com We have grave concerns about the recent Ncafc conference – both how it was organised and the outcome of the conference, which imposed a new set of structures that undermine the unity and inclusivity of the national organisation.

Workers Power  ·  08 June 2011

NCAFC ‘reinvigoration meeting’: why we didn’t stand for the committee

Statement by REVOLUTION Many student activists will be wondering why we did not stand for, or vote, in the elections for a steering committee at the recent “reinvigoration” meeting of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts on 5 June. There’s no doubt been much frustration in the movement after parliament voted for tuition fees, […]

Workers Power  ·  08 June 2011

Chair of Birkbeck Union hammers A.C Grayling's new private university for rich kids

A new private university, New College of Humanities, is set to offer degrees with big name intellectuals for the outrageous sum of £18,000. Scandalously, it plans to be part of the University of London and even use its public facilities such as the University of London Union. Birkbeck Student Union Chair, and Vice President-Elect of […]

Workers Power  ·  07 June 2011

Education and resistance: next steps for the student movement

As the student academic year draws to a close, the summer is a good time for reflection on the year that was. John Bowman provides a balance sheet for Revolution. Read it here

Workers Power  ·  05 June 2011

Joana Pinto speaks to NUS conference: ‘together we can win’

Joana Pinto stood for the Vice President Union Development position at this years NUS conference. Below is her speech, calling for a fighting students union

Workers Power  ·  22 April 2011

NUS conference 2011: the fight for students has just begun

Joana Pinto talks about her experience running for NUS Vice President position, NUS conference, and where students can take the fight from here

Workers Power  ·  18 April 2011

Angry students chase NUS President off demo

Yesterday over 4000 students, workers and youth took to the streets of Manchester against the Con Dem cuts to EMA, education funding, and the public sector. Official ‘leaders’ of the movement tried to hold back protesters from expressing their anger. But they only showed their increasing irrelevance to the struggle. Many activists held placards declaring […]

Workers Power  ·  06 February 2011

NUS leadership has no strategy to win

When the NUS NEC passed a strategy document, supported by NUS president Aaron Porter for the student movement on 10 January, they showed once again that they want to plead and negotiate with the Con Dem government, rather than organise a fight to stop their plans. The document agreed to sponsor the Manchester demonstration on […]

Workers Power  ·  06 February 2011

Class struggle bulletin

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