Workers Power issue 394

Make the rich pay for pensions and benefits linked to inflation

By R. Banks IN A desperate effort to distract the public’s attention from the ongoing Partygate scandal, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has unveiled a package of measures to help those ‘hit […]

George Banks  ·  31 May 2022

Deliveroo: GMB sweetheart deal delivers bitter aftertaste

By Alex Reynolds and Tim Nailsea FOOD DELIVERY couriers are one of the worst-paid and most precarious sectors of the labour force. This sector has traditionally been ignored by the […]

Workers Power  ·  31 May 2022

PCS Conference votes to launch campaign on jobs and pay in the Autumn

By a PCS member WITHOUT WARNING, let alone consultation, Boris Johnson has announced over 90,000 job cuts in the civil service. To add insult to injury he did so through […]

PCS Activists  ·  31 May 2022

RMT ballot victory can shut down rail network

By Bernie McAdam IN RESPONSE to threats over pay, compulsory redundancies and safety, RMT rail workers have voted in favour of strike action across Network Rail and 13 other train […]

Bernie McAdam  ·  31 May 2022

Tories’ 2022 diary: everything under attack everywhere

By R Banks IN THE closing days of its 2021–22 session, parliament passed all the Tories’ key pieces of legislation unamended. No sooner had the royal assent been given to […]

George Banks  ·  31 May 2022

Abuse of power keeps the parliament to prison pipeline flowing

By Millie Collins IN THE same week it was revealed that Tory MPs and No. 10 staff were partying until 4:30am and verbally abusing cleaners and security guards, an unnamed […]

Millie Collins  ·  31 May 2022

Editorial: 18 June must be the start of a fightback, not the end

June 18 must be the launchpad for a movement united in action

KD Tait  ·  31 May 2022

US Supreme Court prepares historic attack on abortion rights

By Marcus Otono—Workers Power USA THE RECENT leak of a draft majority opinion from the Supreme Court of the United States repealing the Roe v Wade judgment that legalized abortion […]

Marcus Otono  ·  31 May 2022

Marxism and the Trade Unions

What are they for?

Jeremy Dewar  ·  31 May 2022

The West’s war aims in Ukraine

By Dave Stockton THE WORLD situation in 2022 is characterised by multiple crises—the most immediate and far reaching in its global consequences is the war in Ukraine, which has massively […]

Dave Stockton  ·  31 May 2022

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