Red Flag issue 23

Labour Party Conference report 2018: two steps forward, one step back

By KD Tait LABOUR’S ANNUAL conference was widely judged a success. Even the normally hostile media were forced to admit that it confirmed Jeremy Corbyn as a credible Opposition leader who had finally succeeded in stamping his authority on the party. The much trailed possibility of open divisions, perhaps even a split to form a […]

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

John McDonnell’s ‘Industrial Democracy’: From Workers Into Shareholders?

By Simon Hannah  JOHN McDonnell’s announcement at the 2018 Labour Party conference that companies with over 250 workers would have to give over 10 percent of their shares to their staff has been praised by some on the left and even got positive support in an opinion poll by Yougov. The proposal will see companies […]

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

The Workers’ Answer to Brexit

THE starting point for any socialist looking to determine their stance on Brexit is to ascertain whether it is in the interests of the working class. All other considerations – electoral impact, the finality or otherwise of any given referendum outcome, the attitude to Brexit of the big capitalists or Chukka Umunna – are all […]

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

The Fight for Rank and File Democracy in the Trade Unions

By Andy Yorke THE rejection of proposals to democratise the selection of MPs and the nomination of candidates for the Leadership at Labour’s Liverpool conference threw a spotlight on the role of the unions in deciding party policy. Many first time delegates were shocked, and many more were infuriated, when, despite overwhelming support from the […]

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

RCN: Nurses get payback

By Rebecca Anderson THE leadership of the Royal College of Nurses (RCN) is trying to fight back from members’ attempts to oust it, after it misled them over the pay deal which means nurses received on average less than half the three percent promised and voted on. A petition has already forced RCN GS Janet […]

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

The fight for Labour Party Black Sections

By Jeremy Dewar IT is fitting to mark Black History Month this year by focusing on a battle fought largely inside the Labour Party between 1983 and 1993 for two reasons. First, Black History Month was initiated by groups of mainly black Caribbean and Asian members of the Labour Party, who fought to make the […]

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

The crisis in South Africa

By Jeremy Dewar MANY SCHOOLS, Labour councils and community groups will be celebrating Black History Month by re-telling the inspiring story of the anti-Apartheid struggle. And so they should. But, only to tell the story, as if the struggle for equality had ended with the dismantling of the Apartheid system, would do a disservice to […]

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

Mexico 1968: Massacre in Tlatelolco

By Dave Stockton OCTOBER 2, 1968 witnessed the massacre of between three and four hundred of the 10,000 young demonstrators who had gathered in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in the Tlatelolco district of Mexico City. State forces under the orders of the authoritarian Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) regime, claimed they had been fired […]

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

Brett Kavanaugh and the United States of Gilead

Image Credit: C. Suthorn SATURDAY 6 October 2018, United States Senate Chamber. Vice President Mike Pence, a man who has stated that it is his express goal to make abortion illegal in the US “in our time”, presides over the final vote to confirm alleged sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh as the next Justice of the […]

Rob Schofield  ·  08 October 2018

Neo-fascist Bolsonaro on verge of victory in Brazil

The massive political and trade union movements of Brazil’s industrial workers, landless farmers and poor in the favelas, face a deadly danger; the election of a semi-fascist, Jair Bolsonaro. He scored 49 million votes in the first round of the presidential elections, 46 per cent of the total, as against Fernando Haddad, the candidate of […]

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

A is for Alienation

Why are you so fed up?

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2018

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