A socialist plan for universal healthcare

The pandemic has exposed that the NHS is not so much at breaking point, but beyond it.

27 August 2021

Unionism in crisis as Loyalists lash out

For a workers' republic of Ireland.

21 April 2021

Pontin’s Shameful Racism

Holiday park's anti Traveller racism exposed.

03 March 2021

Review: Common History, Common Struggle by Peter Hadden

Review of Common History, Common Struggle by Peter Hadden.

13 February 2021

Modi besieged by Indian farmers

India has been rocked by a series of massive anti-government protests during the pandemic

08 February 2021

1920: the Irish war of independence

100 year anniversary.

15 October 2020

Fighting unemployment in the 1980s

From organising the unemployed to the Great Strike.

08 October 2020

Workers Must Take Control of the Lockdown

Coronavirus is demonstrating the essential basis upon which our society exists: the working class and the necessity of labour. Workers and their unions must take the lead and control this lockdown.

31 March 2020

Northern Ireland: Healthworkers battle on

ON 18 DECEMBER over 20,000 Northern Ireland health workers from four unions, RCN, Unison, NIPSA and Unite were involved in strike action in pursuit of pay parity and improved staffing […]

01 March 2020

Playing the Orange Card

The Brexit campaign has been directly responsible for a huge spike in national chauvinism and racist violence. To deny or minimise this, as some on the left do, is to completely ignore the impact of reactionary arguments like “needing to take control of our borders”, “stopping free movement from the EU” and “restoring national sovereignty” that have dominated the Brexit agenda. There is no progressive dynamic here but a reactionary harking back to Britain’s imperial past and accepting the myth that migrants are to blame for economic woes.

19 November 2019

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