French workers on the march

The cost of living crisis is prompting the biggest strikes in years. But trade union leaders are holding back a general strike.

Workers Power  ·  01 November 2022

China: Xi locks down the party

Who is Xi scared of?

Peter Main  ·  01 November 2022

Iran: workers join protests

By Dave Stockton PROTESTS FOLLOWING the murder of 22 year-old Jina Mahsa Amini have developed into the most serious challenge to the Iranian dicatorship in four decades. Women have taken […]

Dave Stockton  ·  01 November 2022

Hands off Haiti!

Haitians don't want or need another armed intervention

Dave Stockton  ·  01 November 2022

10 years of Rojava: achievements and aberrations

IN JULY 2012, Kurdish armed forces took political control in the regions of KobanĂȘ, Afrin and al-Hasakah in northern Syria. The transfer of power from the Syrian regime to the […]

Workers Power  ·  12 October 2022

Putin gambles on mobilisation to reverse setbacks in Ukraine

Conscription order has prompted hundreds of thousands to flee the country

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2022

Brazil: First-round elections leave Lula in right-wing straitjacket

Far right control of senate and parliament will hobble Lula's presidency if he wins

Workers Power  ·  07 October 2022

How imperialism hinders Pakistan flood relief

The flooding in Pakistan is not simply a 'natural' disaster.

Workers Power  ·  05 October 2022

Parliamentary elections in Italy: Shift to the right in the midst of instability

By Azim Parker As expected, Giorgia Meloni and her ultra-reactionary Fratelli d’Italia party emerged victorious in the September 25 election. She will therefore be at the head of the next […]

Leigh Nin  ·  29 September 2022

Iran: strikes key to breaking Ayatollahs’ dictatorship

Women are defying repression and murder to demand the fall of the Iranian dictatorship

Workers Power  ·  24 September 2022

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