India: vaccine free market let virus spread

The world's largest vaccine manufacturer is in India.

Minerwa Tahir  ·  05 June 2021

Mass movement shakes Colombia’s US backed government

Since April 28 Colombia has been in a state of rebellion.

Chris Clough  ·  26 May 2021

End UK support for Zionist state

We must make it impossible for our governments to continue propping up this apartheid regime.

Dilara Lorin  ·  16 May 2021

USA: Daunte Wright’s murder shows police cannot be reformed

Wright’s murder, and the sheer number of such killings over many years, proves the inherently racist character of the police force. Quite simply, they cannot be reformed.

Tom Burns  ·  14 April 2021

Kids in Cages: Biden’s immigration policy is a return to the status quo

Kids in cages are kids in cages, no matter which party puts them there.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  13 April 2021

Only Brazil’s working class can solve the health, political and economic crises

3,000 deaths per day.

Alex Rutherford  ·  10 April 2021

Pro-democracy activists on trial in Hong Kong

47 protesters on trial.

Reginald Banks  ·  12 March 2021

Myanmar: Resistance to coup continues, solidarity with workers and youth

At least 38 protesters killed on 3 March.

Dave Stockton  ·  10 March 2021

Joe Biden bombs back better

Biden bombs Syria

Chris Clough  ·  10 March 2021

The return of the USA

Joe Biden declares "the USA is back". What does this mean for the world?

Dave Stockton  ·  10 February 2021

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