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Appeal for a National Palestine Assembly

21 June 2024

Workers Power is calling for Palestine solidarity groups, antiwar organisations, trade unions, Labour party branches and workers’ organisations to support this Appeal for a National Palestine Assembly. Please pass it in your branch and let us know.

THE HISTORIC Gaza solidarity movement has unleashed a huge sweep of grassroots organising, from campuses to workplaces, religious organisations to union branches, coordinated by local campaigns in towns, cities and regions across the country. We have mobilised a million for Gaza and convinced the majority to support a ceasefire and barring arms to Israel.

Going forward the Palestine movement faces real obstacles: a timid bureaucracy in the unions, a Labour leadership determined to block meaningful action against Israel, the genuine fears of victimisation in the education sector and crucially workplaces and transport sectors linked to Israeli arms and goods.  We can tackle these more effectively if our movement can focus and coordinate its action nationally.  

Leeds PSC believes while continuing the national demos and our local and regional campaigning, the local campaigns and national organisations should call a National Assembly for Palestine.

An assembly should have an educational strand and make a political declaration, but crucially it should allow for organising, breaking down by sectors and agreeing national actions. It could bring together delegates from local groups and assemblies, trade union branches and campus campaigns as well as of course the national pro-Palestine organisations, to agree priorities and unleash a wave of national action.

We are circulating this proposal to all these local, regional and national bodies and groups for their opinion, support, and if there is significant agreement to call a meeting to begin organising such an assembly.

Passed by Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign


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