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Royal Mail: workers can counter attacks at the grassroots

Bosses walk all over deal as union leaders dither.

Pete Thompson  ·  29 September 2023

Royal Mail bosses line up to cut public service

After months of residents complaining about letters going undelivered for days or even weeks, and workers leaking photos of frames full of undelivered mail, the regulator Ofcom has declared a review of the Universal Service Obligation. The USO is a legal obligation, held by Royal Mail, dictating quality of service requirements. For instance, 93% of […]

A CWU Rep  ·  28 September 2023

Postal workers: Organise to stop the retreat!

CWU bureaucracy wins on rotten deal, but struggle won't end.

Pete Thompson  ·  25 July 2023

Postal workers: Vote no and defend our terms and conditions

Rotten agreement will not provide job security and will weaken union.

A CWU Rep  ·  25 June 2023

CWU ballot: Security and stability or a race to the bottom?

By a CWU Rep The CWU leadership argues that if we had continued to strike Royal Mail would have gone bankrupt. The Tories would have taken it over, handed the parcel operation to the company’s international holding company IDS (until last year Royal Mail Group) and slashed the USO, losing tens of thousands of jobs. […]

A CWU Rep  ·  25 June 2023

Royal Mail bulletin: Restore the strikes!

Royal Mail bulletin for 9 June

A CWU Rep  ·  09 June 2023

CWU opposition forces u-turn on ballot

No more delay, restore the strikes.

A CWU Rep  ·  31 May 2023

Bulletin: Build the NO vote campaign

Download Workers Power's postal workers bulletin.

A CWU Rep  ·  24 May 2023

Royal Mail: Build the No Vote campaign

Rank and file workers should use the campaign to get organised.

A CWU Rep  ·  13 May 2023

Royal Blackmail: don’t give in to company threats

Renationalisation is CWU policy -- let's fight for it

A CWU Rep  ·  01 May 2023

Organise a “vote no” campaign against the Royal Mail deal

WHEN THE CWU postal union finally released the text of its deal with Royal Mail after months of negotiations, it immediately became clear union leaders had conceded to most of Royal Mail’s demands. The members’ response was overwhelmingly negative. Even as the union’s media team was uploading video after video trying to spin the deal […]

A CWU Rep  ·  23 April 2023

Pay vs profits: Royal Mail dispute at a crossroads

Workers need a rank-and-file movement to take control of the dispute to stop a bad deal

A CWU Rep  ·  20 March 2023

Postal workers – are we sliding towards a bad deal?

Workers need to organise against any sell-out of the dispute.

A CWU Rep  ·  03 March 2023

Escalating action needs to follow the massive strike vote in Royal Mail

Postal workers have done it again. Forced to reballot by the Tory anti-union laws after six months of strikes and lost pay, they smashed it, with a remarkable 95.9% vote for action on a 77.3% turnout, nearly as high as the previous record ballots. Even after 18 days of strike action last year and lost […]

A CWU Rep  ·  23 February 2023

CWU reballot: vote yes and restore the strike!

By Pete Thompson WORKERS IN Royal Mail and Parcelforce took 18 days of strike action last year against bosses’ plans to hold down pay and rip up terms and conditions in a union-busting campaign to transform the company on the model of its gig-economy parcel courier competitors. Strike action was enough to see some significant […]

Workers Power  ·  23 January 2023

How can postal workers break the deadlock?

We must escalate to all out.

A CWU Rep  ·  17 December 2022

Suspended CWU rep speaks out: the union must fight for our reinstatement

Royal Mail has suspended at least 100 CWU reps.

A CWU Rep  ·  17 December 2022

Royal Mail bulletin: All out on 9 December

Royal Mail bulletin for 9 December 2022

Workers Power  ·  09 December 2022

Postal strike at the crossroads — fight for workers’ control

Drip-feeding strikes hasn't shaken the bosses. It's time to organise for escalated action and against a compromise.

KD Tait  ·  18 November 2022

Postal bosses go nuclear — union must respond in kind

CWU leaders have called off strikes after bosses threatened them with court action

A CWU Rep  ·  02 November 2022

Royal Mail bulletin: Postal bosses go nuclear

Royal Mail bulletin for 1 November 2022

Workers Power  ·  01 November 2022

Class struggle bulletin

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