Donald Trump

Biden, the Climate Crisis and the Paris Agreement

Capitalism and climate change.

Tim Nailsea  ·  24 January 2021

Statement on Trump’s fascist provocation

Despite the ignominious collapse of the putsch, its significance is two-fold.

Workers Power  ·  07 January 2021

Expiring Trump Administration declares Israeli land grabs “legal”

Mike Pompeo gives the green light to Israeli settlements.

Dave Stockton  ·  24 November 2020

US Elections: Democrat president, divided congress

International Secretariat, League for the Fifth International Joe Biden looks certain to be the next President of the USA but, despite a record turnout of some 160 million voters, this was no “blue tidal wave”. On the contrary, the Democratic party failed to win the Senate and even lost seats in the House of Representatives. […]

Workers Power  ·  06 November 2020

Election Day: US democracy faces crisis of legitimacy

Millions of US citizens vote today in an election which the whole world is watching.

Workers Power  ·  03 November 2020

USA: Trump toys with a Police State

Donald Trump has been trialling a presidential coup d’etat.

Dave Stockton  ·  22 July 2020

Democratic contest heats up

Millions of Americans hoping to evict Donald Trump from the White House have turned to the Democratic Party’s contest to determine their next presidential candidate for the 2020 election. While Trump has been blocked from enacting many of his pledges, he has done tremendous damage from the Oval Office: detention prisons locking up immigrant children […]

Workers Power  ·  23 October 2019

Donald Trump: The great destabiliser

By Dave Stockton The US President’s State visit comes at a time when Britain’s version of him – Nigel Farage – is basking in the glory of his European elections triumph. Back in 2016, while still campaigning for the presidency, Trump jumped for joy at the Brexit vote and welcomed Farage and Boris Johnson to […]

Workers Power  ·  29 May 2019

Why socialists oppose Trump’s ban on Trans soldiers

It is vitally important that we prevent LGBT+ individuals from being forced out of public life by discriminatory policies that seek to invalidate anyone that dares transgress society’s gender norms.

Rob Schofield  ·  06 March 2019

Trump visits UK, calls for hard Brexit

By Dave Stockton US PRESIDENT Donald Trump flew in fresh from provoking his Nato Allies in Brussels to a Britain he said was “in somewhat turmoil” (sic) and promptly went on to make things even worse for his hapless host. Throwing himself into the Brexit controversy wracking the Conservative Party, he made clear whose side […]

Workers Power  ·  13 July 2018

Class struggle bulletin

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