Donald Trump

The resistance to Trump can create a new leadership

Donald Trump’s presidency has galvanised opposition. But turning resistance into victories will not be easy. Republicans control both houses of Congress, the Presidency and hardline conservatives will undoubtedly soon control the Supreme Court. At a state level they hold power in 32 state legislatures plus 33 governorships, covering 61 per cent of the U.S. population. […]

Marcus Otono  ·  01 March 2017

Brexit and Trump are two sides of the same coin

THERESA MAY’S visit to Washington has turned into a major embarrassment. Her “partnership” with Donald Trump which meant she refused to condemn his ‘Muslim Ban’ has sparked a wave of enormous demonstrations across the UK. May’s pathetic boasts about the “special relationship” between British and US imperialism are a stale ritual for UK prime ministers. […]

Workers Power  ·  07 February 2017

Trump’s victory and how he can be stopped

ON 8 NOVEMBER Donald Trump rode a wave of anti-establishment anger to become the 45th president of the United States in the bitterest campaign of modern times. Trump used blatant distortions and outright lies to convince voters that only he was telling things as they are, only he recognised the sufferings of ordinary Americans, only […]

Andy Yorke  ·  12 December 2016

US elections: cracks widening in the two party system

By Andy Yorke In this year’s US presidential race, a month is a long time. March saw the tensions in American politics stretched close to breaking point. The billionaire demagogue Donald Trump widened his lead, forced out the Republican establishment’s favourite, Marco Rubio, whipped up support with his racist, jingoistic campaign to “Make America Great […]

Workers Power  ·  17 April 2016

Class struggle bulletin

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