Zionism: The theory and practice of ethnic cleansing

Alex Rutherford charts the origins of Zionism in response to antisemitism and its evolution into a colonial project backed by imperialism.

Alex Rutherford  ·  28 November 2023

Zionism’s influence in the UK

Why Starmer said “I support Zionism without qualification”.

George Banks  ·  31 January 2021

The Q conundrum

Crisis and conspiracy.

Mel Astbury  ·  15 November 2020

Socialist Campaign Group rally thousands – but give no direction

A report of the Socialist Campaign Groups rally.

Jeremy Dewar  ·  23 September 2020

Is the Party Over?

A disorderly retreat... or stay and fight?

Tim Nailsea  ·  05 July 2020

‘Antisemitic’ Labour: a Jewish socialist writes

Jewish people face casual discrimination on a day-to-day basis within capitalist society. This continues a long-standing historical trend; we were forced to become money-lenders in Europe during the Middle Ages, leading to harmful stereotypes which persist to this day, such as that the Jews are a duplicitous people who are only interested in money and […]

Dave Brody  ·  10 December 2019

Smear campaign against Labour will only disarm us in the fight against real antisemitism

As the general election race heads into final straight, the campaign to paint Labour as an antisemitic party has recommenced. Writing in The Times, the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis added his voice to the attack, arguing that Corbyn had sanctioned antisemitism in the party. In characteristically vague language, Rabbi Mirvis stated that Labour’s alleged antisemitism could not be fixed with new staff or processes, and that it was a “human problem”, and a “failure of culture”. He said Corbyn associated with antisemites, and considered “those who endorse the murder of Jews” as friends.

Marcel Rajecky  ·  01 December 2019

How democratic is Corbyn’s Labour?

THANKS TO NEIL KINNOCK’S counterrevolution against the democratic reforms of the late 1970s and early 1980s, and Blair’s in the 1990s and 2000s, Jeremy Corbyn and his team inherited a Labour Party in which the leadership could prevent the membership from either determining party policy or who should represent them in parliament.

Workers Power  ·  06 September 2019

Reinstate Chris Williamson

Whatever our criticisms of Chris Williamson's politics, his statement that the Labour Party had not been robust in rebutting charges that antisemitism was rife in the party, is fair comment.

Workers Power  ·  07 August 2019

Anti-Zionism is NOT antisemitism

By Jeremy Dewar Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon is the latest Labour MP to be targeted by the Jewish Chronicle and Labour Friends of Israel and tarred with the brush of anti-Semitism. There are of course local and European elections coming up, so we should expect the witch-hunters inside the party to be throwing up […]

Workers Power  ·  04 May 2019

Solidarity with Leeds University Palestine activists against Fabian Hamilton’s anti-Semitism smear

Red Flag condemns Fabian Hamilton's smears and stands in solidarity with Palestine solidarity activists during Israel Apartheid Week

Workers Power  ·  20 March 2019

Imperialism & The Holocaust

The Hitler genocide must be understood as a result of the function of fascism for the German ruling class and its war aims.

Workers Power  ·  27 January 2019

IHRA: Defy the witch-hunters’ charter

By Dave Stockton THIS SUMMER no one could ignore the remorseless campaign smearing Labour under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership as “institutionally antisemitic”. They will also be aware of the vigorous rebuttals mounted in the press, in the party branches, and online by the comrades from Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL). JVL has performed an invaluable service […]

Workers Power  ·  18 September 2018

The AWL’s Zionist fetish

By Dave Stockton The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty group, AWL, is well known on the left for its assertion that the state of Israel embodies “the right to self-determination of the Jewish people”, has a “right to defend itself”, and that those on the left who reject this are antisemites, albeit “left antisemites”. Antisemitism is, […]

Workers Power  ·  17 September 2018

Labour NEC capitulates to Zionist smear campaign

By KD Tait THE Labour Party NEC’s decision to adopt all 11 unofficial examples attached to the IHRA definition of antisemitism represents a serious retreat from solidarity with the Palestinians and a victory for anti-socialist forces inside and outside the party who are determined to prevent the election of a leftwing Labour government. In capitulating […]

Workers Power  ·  06 September 2018

Hundreds rally to oppose IHRA witch-hunters’ charter

By KD Tait HUNDREDS of Labour Party members attended a rally called by Jewish Voice for Labour and others outside the party’s headquarters, to call on the NEC to oppose adopting the full IHRA definition of antisemitism, including all the examples, which would ban members from opposing the racist character of the Zionist settler state. Demonstrators […]

Workers Power  ·  04 September 2018

Labour witch-hunt is undermining the fight against antisemitism

By KD Tait KEN LIVINGSTONE has resigned from the Labour Party, days before a formal disciplinary process was due to start, the outcome of which had become a foregone conclusion after “Baroness”  Shami Chakrabarti spoke out in favour of his expulsion, signalling that the leadership had definitively turned against him.  In making those comments, Chakrabarti […]

Workers Power  ·  18 June 2018

The fight against antisemitism in Labour

BY KD Tait THE DECISION by Labour’s right wing to reheat the smear campaign accusing Jeremy Corbyn of failing to tackle antisemitism within the party is a deliberate attempt to sabotage Labour’s local election campaign, discredit the leadership, and silence critics of Israel’s brutal oppression of the Palestinians. Though they have differing priorities and motives, […]

Workers Power  ·  02 May 2018

Antisemitism row: the double standards of Labour’s right wing

THE SUDDEN coordinated onslaught against Jeremy Corbyn over the weekend of 24-25 March was a transparent attempt by an alliance of rightwing forces to damage Labour’s strong lead in the run up to the May council elections, and to destabilise Corbyn’s ever-more consolidated leadership of the Labour Party. Things have not been going well for […]

Workers Power  ·  28 March 2018

Reinstate Moshé Machover

The noted socialist and Anti-Zionist writer has been purged by the Labour Party

Workers Power  ·  12 October 2017

Stop the antisemitism witch hunt in Labour

The decision by Labour’s National Constitutional Committee, NCC, to suspend Ken Livingstone for a further year for “bringing the party into disrepute” is a victory for the Labour right and the Zionist movement. It is a victory for the right, who have cynically manufactured claims of antisemitism against leftwing party members in order to undermine […]

Workers Power  ·  07 April 2017

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