Pakistan: Stop the racist war on Afghan refugees!

On October 1, the Pakistani government gave an ultimatum to an estimated 1.7 million Afghan refugees.

Minerwa Tahir  ·  15 November 2023

Western powers must accept refugees and provide aid for Afghanistan

By Dave Stockton AFTER 40 years of war Afghanistan momentarily seemed to be at peace after the Taliban took power for the second time in mid-August. But the Taliban have taken over a devastated country. Famine About one-third of the country’s population of 38 million is facing ‘emergency’ or ‘crisis’ levels of food insecurity, according […]

Dave Stockton  ·  30 October 2021

Afghan women lead protests against Taliban repression

Afghan women are leading the way in organising anti-Taliban protests in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan. They are doing what US and allied occupying forces failed to do: stand up to the Taliban.

Minerwa Tahir  ·  12 September 2021

Afghanistan: Regime changes in Kabul

By Dave Stockton AS THE 20th anniversary of George W Bush’s declaration of the War on Terror and the misnamed Operation Enduring Freedom approached, Joe Biden pulled the plug on the Nato occupation of Afghanistan. Announcing the exit of the remaining 2,500 US troops from the country led to horrible scenes in Kabul airport, with […]

Dave Stockton  ·  27 August 2021

The West abandons Afghans as Taliban claim victory

Defeat for the Nato alliance opens new chapter in Afghan war

Dave Stockton  ·  27 August 2021

The victory of the Taliban and its international significance

Statement by the International Secretariat - L5I

Workers Power  ·  18 August 2021

USA exits Afghanistan in ignominy

By Dave Stockton Just short of the twentieth anniversary of George W Bush’s declaration of his War on Terrorism, Joe Biden announced the final exit of the remaining 2500 US troops from Afghanistan. US forces abandoned Bagram, the huge, fortified air base, without even notifying the Afghan government forces and as a result the looters […]

Dave Stockton  ·  20 July 2021

Class struggle bulletin

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