No intervention in Syria – troops out now!

12 April 2018

THE OVERWHELMING priority of the Labour Movement today is to prevent Britain taking military action in Syria, or joining a Trump – led escalation of conflict with Russia.

We can do that without pretending that Assad is anything other than a fascistic monster at war with his own people. We can do that without pretending Putin is anything other than a warlord for billionaire Russian kleptocrats.

But British warplanes, bombs and missiles won’t and can’t help the Syrian people, because British meddling and imperial manoeuvring is one huge cause of the Middle East’s agony in the first place.

India, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Palestine…Britain’s strategy of divide and rule left its former colonies with a bloody legacy that still stains the map.

The ruling class that wants to spread mayhem abroad is the same one that is destroying our health service, starving disabled and unemployed people, handing mega profits to corporations while running down living standards for generations to come.

We should oppose their wardrive, vote against it in Parliament the first chance we get, take to the streets and press for industrial action in protest.

No to war! Down with the Tories criminal plans at home and abroad.


Friday, 17:00
10 Downing Street


Class struggle bulletin

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