Why we are relaunching Workers Power

National Committee statement on the relaunch of Workers Power newspaper.

Workers Power  ·  27 August 2021

The victory of the Taliban and its international significance

A humiliating defeat for US imperialism is of global significance for the working class and its enemies

Red Flag  ·  18 August 2021

Kate Ford – trade unionist and revolutionary socialist

We have learned with great sadness of the sudden and untimely death of Kate Ford.

Red Flag  ·  21 June 2021

Statement on Trump’s fascist provocation

Despite the ignominious collapse of the putsch, its significance is two-fold.

Red Flag  ·  07 January 2021

2020: A year of reaction and resistance

The year in revolutionary review

Red Flag  ·  31 December 2020

Boris Johnson’s Brexit heralds race to the bottom

Statement by the Political Committee of Red Flag Whatever a narrow majority of the electorate imagined they would get when they voted to Leave the European Union, the strategists who planned Brexit knew exactly what they wanted. Nigel Farage’ s UKIP and the European Research Group with Jacob Rees Mogg, like their co-thinkers in the […]

Red Flag  ·  28 December 2020

Pakistan: International solidarity with missing IMT member

International Secretariat, League for the Fifth International The League for the Fifth International sends internationalist solidarity to the International Marxist Tendency whose member, Amar Fayaz, was whisked away by cops and armed men in plain clothes in the early hours of November 9. The abduction took place in Jamshoro, Sindh, which is located near the […]

Red Flag  ·  13 November 2020

Election Day: US democracy faces crisis of legitimacy

Millions of US citizens vote today in an election which the whole world is watching.

Red Flag  ·  03 November 2020

Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn – defiance not compliance!

The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn is an attack against the socialist left which must be opposed

Red Flag  ·  30 October 2020

Hong Kong: Down with the National Security Law

International Secretariat of the League for the Fifth International On July 1, Beijing’s National Security Law (NSL) was imposed on Hong Kong. It extends the laws against “sedition, conspiracy and collusion with foreign powers” that already operate within “mainland” China to Hong Kong. The law also means that the internal “security” agencies will now operate […]

Red Flag  ·  08 July 2020

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