How can students fight for change?

An explosion of student activism needs national coordination and a common strategy

27 August 2021

Morgan inquiry: Met police found ‘institutionally corrupt’

Inquiry has exposed a pattern of corruption among some of the country's top coppers.

11 July 2021

We can defeat fire-and-rehire!

Teachers take strike action.

11 July 2021

Serco Out! Outsourced workers fight back

Civil Enforecement and hospital workers stage walkouts.

11 July 2021

Fire and rehire defeated at Go North West

After 82 days of strike action

05 June 2021

Interview: Goodlord strike enters its 13th week

Fighting back against "fire & rehire".

28 May 2021

Police Bill raises the need for organised self-defence

Self defence is no offence

03 May 2021

This week in strikes: a round up of industrial disputes

Manchester buses, school students and British Gas

12 April 2021

Victory for the Shrewsbury 24—but this is only the beginning

State surveillance, political trials and blacklisting

27 March 2021

Bus strikes can lead fight against fire-and-rehire

The rank and file must take control.

25 March 2021

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