Workers Power issue 411

Israel: A rogue state runs amok

Six months into the war in Gaza, Israel continues to commit genocide against the Palestinians and aggression against its neighbours with impunity.

Workers Power  ·  22 April 2024

Goldsmiths lecturers fight 132 job cuts

Goldsmith's lecturers are fighting cuts of up to 25% of academic staff.

Workers Power  ·  22 April 2024

Manchester stands with Elbit 3!

Palestine Action activists are being pursued through the courts in an attempt to stop the successful targeting of Israeli arms manufacturers

Workers Power  ·  22 April 2024

Tory Britain: the endgame approaches

Workers Power held its national conference last month, which debated and passed a perspectives document to guide our work over the next year. Here we publish edited excerpts.

Workers Power  ·  22 April 2024

Bankrupt Britain: how councils go bust

Bankruptcy proceedings filed up and down the country by local councils are the legacy of 14 years of Tory war on public services.

Workers Power  ·  22 April 2024

Sharon Graham scabs on Palestine

Union leader chooses militarism over internationalism

Workers Power  ·  22 April 2024

Eyewitness report of Berlin Palestine Congress

By Martin Suchanek In a serious attack on freedom of expression and assembly, on 12 April the Berlin police shut down and dispersed the Palestine Congress, a democratically and legally organised meeting. All this was an attempt to criminalise criticism of the state of Israel and its racist foundations, indeed any advocacy of the democratic […]

Martin Suchanek  ·  22 April 2024

Boycott Israel: workers’ sanctions are the way forward

The focus of the Palestine solidarity movement has shifted towards boycotting arms for Israel, but to succceed it needs international organisation.

George Banks  ·  22 April 2024

Red star over Salzburg?

The Austrian Communist Party's brand of leftwing municipalism is delivering electoral success

Workers Power  ·  21 April 2024

Far right surge in Portuguese elections

Social democrats punished as far right surges in latest right shift in Europe

Workers Power  ·  21 April 2024

India: Modi’s bid for Hindu Rashtra

India's prime minister seeks a parliamentary supermajority that would allow his Hindu nationalist coalition to amend the country's secular constitution.

Workers Power  ·  20 April 2024

Arizona latest state to ban abortion

A woman’s right to choose to terminate their pregnancy lies at the heart of the liberation struggle. Not the Church, not the state, women must decide their fate!

Workers Power  ·  19 April 2024

Class struggle bulletin

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