Workers’ control

Fight for workers’ control of the lockdown

The teachers' initiative is a model for workers to follow

KD Tait  ·  05 January 2021

Covid-19, Conspiracy Theories and Workers’ Resistance

Why do some people defy the public safety measures?

Tim Nailsea  ·  04 January 2021

Shut down schools and colleges now

We need to prepare to take action.

A Unison Steward  ·  10 November 2020

Tories could unleash a second wave by reopening schools

For parents', students' and teachers' control of health and safety in our schools.

A UCU rep  ·  03 September 2020

Relaxing the Lockdown? To save lives and jobs – we’ll need workers control

Britain has become No1 in Europe and No2 in the world for COVID-19 mortality. To replace the “stay at home’ message with “go to work” carries the danger of a second peak.

Dave Stockton  ·  07 May 2020

Class struggle bulletin

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