Unite the Resistance

Downing Street demo – a sign of things to come

By KD Tait 9 May 2015 London’s Metropolitan police celebrated the arrival of the first Tory-majority government in 18 years by attacking an anti-cuts demonstration against the new regime and its plans for a first 100 days of shock and awe austerity. 15 arrests were made as people resisted attempts by the police to disperse and […]

Workers Power  ·  09 May 2015

Open Letter to the Unite the Resistance Steering Committee

Read the PDF version of our bulletin From Rebecca Allen and Jeremy Drinkall, candidates for the new steering committee to be elected on 17 November, on behalf of Workers Power Dear Brothers, Sisters and Comrades, We welcome the Unite the Resistance conference on 17 November as a chance to bring together the different struggles and […]

Workers Power  ·  15 November 2012

Why do we need four anti-cuts campaigns?

Rebecca Anderson picks apart the bizarre logic of Britain’s competing anti-cuts campaigns If we are to stop the cuts, beat privatisation and banish austerity we need to be united and organised. We need a mass movement that can call huge demonstrations, put pressure on the union leaders and bring solidarity to every struggle. As it stands, most of the […]

Workers Power  ·  15 October 2012

Unite the Resistance comes to Manchester

Tuesday saw the first real organising meeting in Manchester for the Unite the Resistance campaign, which recently held a several-hundred strong meeting in London to oppose the pensions sell-out. Around thirty activists from unions such as Unite, Unison, UCU and FBU gathered in the Friends Meeting House to discuss how to further the fight against […]

Workers Power  ·  19 January 2012

Pensions: left leaders in retreat — only the organised rank and file can restart the fight

By Mark Booth AFTER A TURBULENT week of union executive meetings, 300 militants packed into Friends Meeting House for an emergency conference to fight the pensions sell out. It soon became clear to everyone at Unite the Resistance’s gathering that the PCS and NUT leaders would not be calling more strikes in the next few […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2012

Motion to Unite Resistance Convention

This is the motion which was submitted to the Unite the Resistance conference, but not taken,  on 19 November 2011

Workers Power  ·  21 November 2011

Unite the Resistance: a missed opportunity

Up to 1000 trade unionists gathered in London on Saturday to discuss the public sector pensions strike on 30 November. But despite hearing some inspiring speeches and gaining a sense of the momentum mounting in workplaces across the country, workers left without a plan to turn the day of action into a movement for a […]

Workers Power  ·  20 November 2011

Unite the resistance

A new anti cuts coalition is being set up in November, it offers a real opportunity for the left, but only if it breaks out of the style of campaigns we have seen before, writes Luke Cooper

Workers Power  ·  07 November 2011

Class struggle bulletin

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