Furlough end threatens 1 million jobs

Mass unemployment and the scourge of long-term joblessness have returned.

Jeremy Dewar  ·  27 August 2021

Stop the third wave: no trade-off between lives and livelihoods

Coronavirus cases are surging once again.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  12 June 2021

The pandemic is dragging working-class women back to 2017

The pay gap is widening.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  12 March 2021

The Jarrow Crusade – a model to follow?

1930s unemployed movement.

Joy Macready and Dave Stockton  ·  08 October 2020

The unemployed struggles of the 1920s – We will not starve in silence!

HIstory of the National Unemployed Workers Movement.

Red Flag  ·  08 October 2020

Bristol Trades Council to protest rising unemployment

Take this motion to your trade union or Labour branch.

Red Flag  ·  01 October 2020

Motion on the great jobs massacre

Passed by Lambeth Unison

Red Flag  ·  09 September 2020

How capitalism causes unemployment

How Marxists explain the causes and consequences of unemployment under capitalism

Jeremy Dewar and Samuel George  ·  08 September 2020

Down with Universal Credit: a living wage for all

Every person should be entitled to a living wage

Mel Astbury  ·  08 September 2020

Jobs for all!

Fight for work or full pay.

Jeremy Dewar  ·  07 September 2020

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