No to war in Ukraine

By KD Tait VLADIMIR PUTIN’S invasion of Ukraine is a savage and reactionary assault on the sovereignty and independence of the people of Ukraine. People around the world are rightly moved by images of the wrecked apartment blocks and a rising death toll, covered on their TV screens. The UN estimates (27 February) 160,000 refugees, […]

KD Tait  ·  01 March 2022

Statement: Stop the war in Ukraine

The main enemy is at home.

Workers Power  ·  24 February 2022

Statement: The danger of war over Ukraine

Putin’s threat to invade, let alone any actual invasion, must be condemned by all socialists and democrats.

Workers Power  ·  25 January 2022

Nato escalation risks Russia war

A propaganda offensive against ‘Russian aggression’ orchestrated by the United States and its Nato allies aims to trigger a new arms race and shackle Europe into the USA’s strategic confrontation with Russia After 15 years of war in Afghanistan, Nato chiefs have signalled they have no intention of acquiescing to war-weariness and beating their swords […]

Workers Power  ·  19 March 2015

Hawks v doves

Ukraine ceasefire exposes tensions between USA and EU The surrender of government forces surrounded in the town of Debaltsevo has brought some respite for the population of the Donbas but the Kiev regime is unable to stem the imminent economic collapse provoked by its punishing enslavement to the IMF. The ceasefire arranged at the ‘Minsk […]

Workers Power  ·  15 March 2015

Ukraine's European dream is a neoliberal nightmare

By KD Tait Ukraine’s parliament has approved a programme of economic shock therapy described by an MP from the ruling coalition as amounting to “genocide”. The government says these measures are necessary to reform Ukraine’s bankrupt economy. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk revealed the scale of its ambition: “everything that wasn’t done in the past 23 […]

Workers Power  ·  10 January 2015

Smears and social-imperialism, the politics of the “third camp” on Ukraine

By Marcus Halaby Why hasn’t Richard Brenner answered the AWL broadsheet’s claims (and the comments, above)? Why doesn’t Workers’ Power reply? The fact is: they can’t. They don’t write anything because they know they’ve made a bad mistake. They don’t write anything because they’re not able to admit it. Because they’re a sect, run by […]

Workers Power  ·  14 November 2014

Ukraine votes: fascists enter mainstream

By KD Tait Negotiations to form a government are underway after parliamentary elections held on 26 October delivered an overwhelming majority for pro-EU parties. The widespread boycott of the elections in the Eastern regions resulted in a nationwide turnout of just 51 per cent. The two rebel regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, with 27 seats, […]

Workers Power  ·  07 November 2014

Kiev losing a war on two fronts

By KD Tait On 5 September, six months of fighting between the ultra-nationalist regime in Kiev and the militias of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics was brought to an end by a ceasefire signed in Minsk, Belarus. On 16 September, the EU and Ukrainian parliaments voted simultaneously to endorse the EU Association Agreement. This […]

Workers Power  ·  30 September 2014

Ukraine: a critique of the Yalta Manifesto

The anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine is debating what its goals and methods should be. Dave Stockton offers a critique of the Manifesto   On 6 July a conference took place in Yalta, in the Crimea, dedicated to opposing the war launched by the right wing nationalist and fascist government of Ukraine that was installed by […]

Workers Power  ·  01 September 2014

Class struggle bulletin

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