Flight MH17: Kiev seizes tragedy as pretext for further massacres in East Ukraine

The family and friends of the 298 passengers and crew who lost their lives when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashed in Eastern Ukraine will have to wait some time for an objective investigation to discover the truth of what happened. Not so the British press. Within hours of the crash the British media dutifully delivered […]

Workers Power  ·  22 July 2014

Civil war and class war in Ukraine

By KD Tait In Ukraine, ‘war is peace’. The government air force marked the end of one “ceasefire” and the start of a “peace plan” with the terror bombing of the defenceless village of Kondrashovka. Scraps of unidentifiable charred flesh scattered among burning ruins were all that remained of eight villagers, including three members of one family. […]

Workers Power  ·  08 July 2014

Imperialist tension: the main enemy is at home

By KD Tait The announcement of the substantial reinforcement of Nato forces in Eastern Europe signals the end of the “phoney peace” that followed the collapse of the USSR. The conflict in Ukraine, which saw the pro-Russian president Yanukovych overthrown by Western-backed ultra-nationalists and fascists has been the catalyst for a sharp escalation in tension […]

Workers Power  ·  10 June 2014

Issue 378: Ukraine Special

Workers Power  ·  02 June 2014

Gunpoint democracy: bullets and ballots cannot crush resistance

By KD Tait Elections, where half the population did not vote, a military invasion of large parts of the east and south of the country, murderous attacks by fascist militia, threatened and actual intervention by rival imperialist blocs and an impending economic disaster imposed by finance capital have all failed to quell the resistance to […]

Workers Power  ·  02 June 2014

Stop Nato’s new war drive

 By Dave Stockton The western media are filled with talk of the danger or the onset a new Cold War. The villain of the piece, they all agree, is Vladimir Putin – a new Hitler. Hillary Clinton, Prince Charles and even German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble are of one mind on this. Of course there […]

Workers Power  ·  02 June 2014

MEETING: Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine

        Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine 7:30 pm Monday 2 June SOAS (Vernon Square campus) Map Please join us for a launch meeting for a new campaign in the UK against Western backing for the far right regime in Kiev and in solidarity with those resisting fascist repression in Ukraine. […]

Workers Power  ·  01 June 2014

The disgrace of the Maidan leftists

By Dave Stockton One of the most striking features of the events in Ukraine, both before and after the February coup, was the disgraceful response of some groups on the British and international left, including Socialist Resistance (British section of the Fourth International). First they denied the fundamentally reactionary nature of the Maidan movement. Then, […]

Workers Power  ·  26 May 2014

Never forget Odessa and Mariupol!

By KD Tait On 2 May the government in organised a pogrom against anti-government protesters, in which official figures admit that at least 46 people were killed, more than 200 were injured and 78 people hospitalised. Forces within the government orchestrated the massacre, bringing in a thousand Right Sector fascists from Kyiv and Kharkov to […]

Workers Power  ·  15 May 2014

Statement: condemn the fascist pogrom in Odessa

This is a statement drafted by Workers Power which we invite organisations and individuals to sign. Please circulate it to your members and supporters. To add your name to the statement please reply to this or email [email protected] May 3 2014 We unequivocally condemn the fascist pogrom in Odessa, carried out by Right Sector gangs […]

Workers Power  ·  03 May 2014

Why socialists should support the uprisings against Ukraine’s Maidan movement and its far-right government

By Richard Brenner 1 May 2014 In the course of the argument over Ukraine, Workers Power has been accused of being soft on Russia or even supporting Russian imperialism. This is absolutely not the case. We opposed Russia’s war in Chechnya; we oppose Russian imperialism’s backing for the Assad regime in Syria. We supported the […]

Workers Power  ·  02 May 2014

Oppose the repression in East Ukraine

Published by the International Secretariat, League for the Fifth International The crisis in Eastern Ukraine has a very different character from the myth presented in the “western” media. Here, there are relentless reports that it is the Russian army and Russian tanks that are about to “invade” Ukraine and violate its right to self-determination. In […]

Workers Power  ·  17 April 2014

The mass movement in Eastern Ukraine: an eyewitness report

By Franz Ickstatt, Gruppe Arbeitermacht, German section of the League for a Fifth International In the German media, the protest movement in the south and east of Ukraine is presented only as disturbances manipulated by Moscow as an excuse for the Russian aggressor to put more pressure on the struggle for an independent Ukraine and […]

Workers Power  ·  07 April 2014

Ukraine: Maidan and Antimaidan

By KD Tait The crisis in Ukraine has divided the international left and produced the deepest international crisis in Europe in 15 years. We argue that the conflict and our response must be situated in the context of a new period of inter-imperialist rivalry. The capitalist crisis, which began in 2007-08, has developed into a […]

Workers Power  ·  07 April 2014

Dollar bills and F15s: how the West plans to win Ukraine

By KD Tait An austerity package, for the “prevention of financial catastrophe”, passed by the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, on March 29, threatens to deliver the people of Ukraine firmly into the grip of western imperialism. The bill, passed by a parliament purged of former President Yanukovych’s supporters, confirms that the decisive question characterising […]

Workers Power  ·  07 April 2014

Between imperialisms: Ukraine, Crimea and the Tatar Question

By Kady Tait On 16 March, the population of Crimea voted overwhelmingly for federation with Russia. The results of the referendum were immediately rejected by all the major western imperialist powers, which have now barred Russia from G8 meetings and applied sanctions to figures in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s entourage. In response to manoeuvres by […]

Workers Power  ·  04 April 2014

Ukraine: A review of Russian public opinion

The League has received this survey of Russian opinion from a correspondent in Russia. According to the WCIOM (The Russian Public Opinion Service) 73% of Russian citizens are against of any intervention of Russia into the conflict between opposition and state authorities because this is internal problem of the country, that was announced on the […]

Workers Power  ·  17 March 2014

Ukraine: Kyiv regime rules under fascist whip

For the first time since the Second World War, fascists have come to power through an insurrectionary movement. Kady Tait reviews the situation

Workers Power  ·  10 March 2014

Ukraine: nationalist coup sparks imperialist tensions

The Ukrainian working class has no reason to regret the downfall of the corrupt Viktor Yanukovich or his ministers and police chiefs. His brutal repression on the 30 November of a peaceful occupation of Independence Square, using Berkut special forces, launched a movement which would eventually bring him down. Then, on February 20-21, police snipers […]

Workers Power  ·  27 February 2014

Counter-revolution in Ukraine: mobilise against reactionary coup and fascist militias

By Peter Main The overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych by the Euromaidan movement marks a major strategic advance for the imperialists of the EU, led by Germany. Although their preferred option was a “controlled” transfer of power via early elections and a compromise with opposition leaders, it is a mark of their determination to […]

Workers Power  ·  23 February 2014

Power struggle in Ukraine

By Martin Suchanek, Gruppe Arbeitermacht The power struggle in Ukraine appears to be entering a decisive phase. The situation of the Yanukovich government is becoming precarious. After the first mass protests against the decision not to sign the Association Agreement with the EU for the time being, they hoped they could just “sit out” the […]

Workers Power  ·  04 February 2014

Class struggle bulletin

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