Syriza congress: an eyewitness report

By Martin Suchanek, Gruppe Arbeitermacht Before last year’s elections in Greece, Alexis Tsipras was described by the bourgeois press as the “most dangerous man in Europe”. It was said that if he were to enter government the euro and the European Union would be in danger. A representative of the Merkel government in Germany accused […]

Workers Power  ·  30 July 2013

Europe against austerity

The continent is still deep in recession. Coordinated by Germany, France and the European Commission and Central Bank, savage austerity is being imposed on its weaker economies. KD Tait looks at resistance in Portugal and Greece and opposition in France to the new Fiscal Treaty. The southern states of the European Union – Portugal, Italy and […]

Workers Power  ·  15 October 2012

Leeds link-up with Syriza activists

Nassos Theodoridis, a member of Syriza’s Human Rights Commission, spoke by live-link to a meeting organised by the Labour Representation Committee, Leeds Against the Cuts and Leeds Anticapitalist Alternative. The meeting was introduced by Andy Young of Workers Power who gave a brief outline of the situation in Greece and then Nassos spoke about the […]

Workers Power  ·  24 July 2012

Greece; Euro blackmail pulls off narrow victory for the Right – but it can be overthrown by mass workers' action

By the narrow margin of just 2.77 per cent of the popular vote, the Greek electorate succumbed to the blackmail of the Greek media and political class and the threats of the leaders of the European Union to give Antonis Samaras of New Democracy, ND, the initiative to form a coalition to continue wreaking havoc […]

Workers Power  ·  18 June 2012

What a workers' government would mean in Greece

With millions of Greeks prepared to vote the left-reformist SYRIZA coalition into power on the basis of its programme of rejecting austerity, revolutionaries in Greece should fight for the formation of a workers’ government. The Fourth Congress of the Communist International, held in December 1922, outlined the key tasks of a workers’ government; “The most […]

Workers Power  ·  12 June 2012

Austerity against the workers: who will rule in Greece?

Dave Stockton looks at why the formation of a workers’ government in Greece is necessary to mobilise the popular forces to strike the decisive blow against austerity regimes in Greece, in Europe and in every country where capital insists that workers, youth and the unemployed must be made to pay for its crisis   On […]

Workers Power  ·  12 June 2012

How SYRIZA is caught between reform and revolution

SYRIZA is no revolutionary party, but neither is it a normal reformist one. Since 6 May, Syriza has become wildly popular across Europe and around the world. In Europe, at least, it is decades since a party that could seriously challenge for power has had such radical proposals in its programme or its leaders’ speeches. […]

Workers Power  ·  12 June 2012

Is the Greek left suffering a crisis of leadership?

It’s no wonder that the opinion polls, immediately after 6 May gave Syriza between 23 and 28 per cent. People realised that Syriza was now a serious contender for power. They realised, after the experience of the last two years, that protest alone would never solve the problems they faced. The issue was quite simply […]

Workers Power  ·  12 June 2012

A Greek tragedy? No, a courageous fightback!

  WHY HAS Greece taken the lead? Quite simply because its ordinary people have been subjected to five austerity packages between February 2010 and February 2012. The first three alone amounted to a total cut of €30 billion (12.5 per cent of the 2009 Greek GDP). There was a further cut of five per cent […]

Workers Power  ·  12 June 2012

Antarsya and the far left

ANTARSYA HAS recognised the importance of the massive swing of voters behind Syriza as an act of rejection of the austerity programmes. They have elaborated a series of demands as the basis for a social movement from below and demand that Syriza should commit itself to implementing them. They are:   1. Cancellation of all […]

Workers Power  ·  12 June 2012

Class struggle bulletin

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