Red Flag issue 32

Lebanon: Protests Call for End to Confessional System

Lebanon, like Iraq, Sudan, and Algeria, is experiencing its own version of the Arab Spring with mass demonstrations, occupations and street blockades

Dave Stockton  ·  20 November 2019

Erdogan and Putin conclude deal against Kurds

The Turkish-Russian agreement on the establishment of a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border, which was negotiated in Sochi on 22 October, has fundamentally changed the balance of power in Syria

Robert Teller  ·  19 November 2019

How Black Lives Matter shattered illusions in Obama’s ‘post-racial’ presidency

Jeremy Dewar reviews From BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Jeremy Dewar  ·  19 November 2019

Labour’s class problem

What is the working class in Britain? That is a pretty big topic to cover, fraught with all kinds of debate and controversies. Of course the Marxist left talks about the working class all the time because we see it as an agent of revolutionary change, a class with the potential to reshape the world along democratic and collective lines, away from capitalist exploitation and market based competition

Simon Hannah  ·  19 November 2019

Playing the Orange Card

The Brexit campaign has been directly responsible for a huge spike in national chauvinism and racist violence. To deny or minimise this, as some on the left do, is to completely ignore the impact of reactionary arguments like “needing to take control of our borders”, “stopping free movement from the EU” and “restoring national sovereignty” that have dominated the Brexit agenda. There is no progressive dynamic here but a reactionary harking back to Britain’s imperial past and accepting the myth that migrants are to blame for economic woes.

Bernie McAdam  ·  19 November 2019

Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage Finally Legal in Northern Ireland

At midnight on 21 October, abortions and same-sex marriage were legalised in Northern Ireland. The new law was passed in Westminster rather than Stormont as the devolved administration hasn’t sat since January 2017 amid political deadlock. The legislation, proposed as an amendment by Labour MP Stella Creasey and passed by 332 votes to 99, was the culmination of a campaign by backbench MPs and women and LGBT rights organisations to bring civil rights in NI in line with Britain.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  19 November 2019

Vote Labour to stop Brexit and launch the fightback!

Labour’s election campaign has got off to a strong start with reports of hundreds turning out for canvassing in constituencies up and down the country. Momentum is signing up teams to hit the streets in marginal seats, to organise mass phone banking and rallies in support of a programme of progressive reforms. The headline message is that […]

KD Tait  ·  15 November 2019

Towards a green capitalism?

In September, delegates to Labour Party conference adopted what was been widely hailed as the most radical environmental policy of any major political party in the world. But when it comes to the Clause V committee hashing out the party’s election manifesto behind closed doors, there is no guarantee that the conference motion’s most radical […]

Urte March  ·  08 November 2019

Vietnamese migrant deaths: free movement is the only solution

Thurrock Labour's parliamentary candidate has disgracefully remained silent.

Dara O'Cogaidhin  ·  08 November 2019

How postal workers can win

The CWU leaders have been combative in words, agitating for postal workers to stand strong, but their practical response of monitoring subgroups and possible legal challenges won’t stop Royal Mail. The Postal Executive is not deciding on action till 13 November, five days after mediation ends– why the delay? And there is no preparation for […]

Workers Power  ·  08 November 2019

Labour: fight to win – then fight for power

After three years of wrangling over Brexit, parliament has voted for a snap general election on 12 December. The battle lines for the election are clear. On one side are Boris Johnson’s Tories, backed by Donald Trump, who aim to finish what Thatcher started. A Tory government will unleash a Brexit fuelled blitzkrieg against workers’ […]

KD Tait  ·  07 November 2019

University staff to strike from 25 November

University and College Union (UCU) Higher Education members have voted for industrial action in two ballots over pensions and over pay, casualisation, equality and workloads. In the ballots 53 per cent of members voted, winning 79 per cent and 74 per cent majorities respectively for action. The 43 universities that met the 50 per cent […]

Rebecca Anderson  ·  03 November 2019

Royal Mail blocks talks after historic strike vote

Bosses’ dirty tricks show rank and file organisation is key to winning

A CWU Rep  ·  02 November 2019

The fight for a United Socialist Europe

In this excerpt from our new European Action Programme we argue that there is no national solution to the crisis since all major questions require transformation of the whole continent

Workers Power  ·  21 September 2019

Class struggle bulletin

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