Red Flag issue 25

Unison Ballots School Staff For Action

After years of inaction, Unison members finally have the chance to send a message to the Tories that workers are prepared to fight the destruction of our education system

Workers Power  ·  29 January 2019

Shelter Housing Report Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Labour

Housing charity Shelter has released a report highlighting the dire state of Britain’s housing crisis, which shows Labour’s policy continues to fall short of what is needed

Workers Power  ·  29 January 2019

Review: The Left Case Against The EU

Andy Yorke reviews The Left Case Against the EU by Costas Lapavitsas

Workers Power  ·  29 January 2019

Eastern Europe: The Far Right Rising

MARCEL RAJECKY examines the trajectory of governments leading Europe’s swing to the extreme right

Workers Power  ·  29 January 2019

Lexit Myths Pave The Road To Nowhere

The incoherent arguments put forwards by Lexit supporters offer no route to radical reforms and lead away from socialism.

Workers Power  ·  27 January 2019

Zimbabwe: The Crocodile Bites

Protests spread in spite of vicious government crackdown

Workers Power  ·  27 January 2019

Down with the imperialist coup in Venezuela!

The US-led attempt to overthrow the Maduro regime has entered a potentially decisive stage

Workers Power  ·  25 January 2019

Empty gestures as Corbyn and May inch closer to Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn's response to Theresa May’s new plan for Brexit was perceptive enough: “nothing has changed”.

Workers Power  ·  22 January 2019

Controversial launch for Labour anti-racism campaign

Grassroots activist initiative expropriated by Momentum

Workers Power  ·  22 January 2019

C is for Capital

Capital, invested in human labour power and machinery, proved to be the most effective means yet for one class to exploit another.

Workers Power  ·  06 October 2018

Class struggle bulletin

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