Royal Mail bosses line up to cut public service

After months of residents complaining about letters going undelivered for days or even weeks, and workers leaking photos of frames full of undelivered mail, the regulator Ofcom has declared a review of the Universal Service Obligation. The USO is a legal obligation, held by Royal Mail, dictating quality of service requirements. For instance, 93% of […]

A CWU Rep  ·  28 September 2023

Health and Care Bill means NHS privatisation

Day of action on 26 Feb.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  09 February 2022

Serco pays dividends with taxpayer money

£17m paid to shareholders.

Millie Collins  ·  11 March 2021

“Operation Moonshot” is about private profit not public health

The Tories are using the pandemic to oursource to the private sector

Rebecca Anderson  ·  21 September 2020

Colombia: authoritarianism in the pandemic

Protests in Colombia met with police violence

J. Garcia  ·  21 September 2020

CWU leadership talks out the ballot

Postal workers being lined up for a defeat

A CWU Rep  ·  21 September 2020

Social unrest in post-lockdown India

Privatisation, unemployment and industrial unrest.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  08 September 2020

Union makes concessions as talks begin with Royal Mail

The answer to a Royal Mail in the red is renationalisation not cuts

A CWU Rep  ·  14 July 2020

Why Covid-19 has pushed the NHS past breaking point

The UK government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed not only the ineptitude of the current government but the sorry state of our National Health Service, which has been pushed to breaking point by successive administrations

Rebecca Anderson  ·  13 April 2020

PFI has been a £200 billion rip-off

THE COLLAPSE of Carillion and the recent National Auditing Office report have put Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) under the microscope once again. The popularity of such schemes has dwindled in recent years but since the contracts tend to last 25-30 years they still cost the tax-payer £10bn a year with roughly £200bn still to pay. […]

Workers Power  ·  01 February 2018

Royal Mail prepares for showdown with CWU

By A CWU Postal Rep ON 5 SEPTEMBER, the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) leadership announced a strike ballot, after months of talks with Royal Mail bosses that had gone nowhere. Negotiations were supposed to address an increasing number of attacks: The closing of the final salary pension scheme in favour of a scheme that would […]

Workers Power  ·  13 September 2017

CWU: Vote No to the Deal

  DOWNLOAD THE LEAFLET By a CWU Rep CWU members are being balloted on the new “Agenda for Growth” agreement (21 Jan to 4 Feb), with the union’s postal executive recommending we accept it. But postal workers should vote no, the new deal leaves us worse off and weakens the union. Workers deserve a pay […]

Workers Power  ·  01 January 2014

A workers guide to the deal: the small print

By a CWU Rep 1. PAY (Section 5) The 9.06 per cent pay rise over three years, backdated to April, is only half a per cent more than was offered by Royal Mail as far back as July. Like the original offer it can still be reopened if inflation changes, so it’s not set in […]

Workers Power  ·  16 December 2013

Royal Mail/CWU: “a fresh approach” to delivery issues: lose them

By a CWU DO rep It’s been widely known, since the 4 November national briefing of local officials and full-time reps, that outdoor delivery was the big sticking point in negotiations. Not surprisingly since this is the most difficult to automate, and competition is hotting up with rival TNT rolling out its city centre delivery […]

Workers Power  ·  15 December 2013

Royal Mail workers should reject the deal

 By a CWU postal rep, December 12 2013   The CWU postal executive has recommended that members accept the agreement reached after weeks of talks by union negotiators led by Dave Ward, Deputy General Secretary Postal. Yet despite the headline-grabbing pay and conditions offer, at its heart is a blueprint for company-unionism and class collaboration. […]

Workers Power  ·  12 December 2013

Royal Mail privatisation: the multi-billion pound swindle

  By a CWU postal rep The privatisation of Royal Mail last month was not the victory for “popular capitalism” the Coalition government has crowed about. On the contrary, it was a defeat for the users and deliverers of a popular public service. But even by their own terms, it only succeeded because the government […]

Workers Power  ·  29 November 2013

CWU: Postal strike hangs in the balance

Postal workers urgently need to take control of their dispute and strike to win, says a CWU rep Postal workers in the CWU union are stuck in limbo awaiting the outcome of negotiations with Royal Mail bosses. Ten days ago CWU leaders cancelled the first day of strike action scheduled for 4 November in favour […]

Workers Power  ·  11 November 2013

Postal Workers, watch your leaders: CWU tops aim for rotten deal

By a CWU rep Just as postal workers around the country were gearing up for their first day of strike action this coming Monday, 4 November, leaders in the CWU postal union cancelled the action, supposedly to continue talks. A 30 October joint statement with Royal Mail bosses stated that they had made progress and […]

Workers Power  ·  31 October 2013

CWU/Royal Mail: 78 per cent of postal workers vote to strike

16 October 2013 – by a CWU postal rep It was announced this afternoon that postal workers have voted four to one for a strike to defend their wages, conditions and jobs in a newly privatised Royal Mail. The postal Communication Workers Union (CWU) has announced the first strike date for the 4 November. The […]

Workers Power  ·  16 October 2013

How the CWU leaders lost the Royal Mail

By a CWU postal rep If all the local areas currently on strike and all militants across the union were to walk out, coordinate their actions and appeal for everyone to come out, postal workers could still wreck privatisation and defend jobs and the union. CWU leaders Dave Ward and Billy Hayes would object that […]

Workers Power  ·  09 October 2013

Royal Mail privatised: postal workers should vote Yes and prepare to fight

By a CWU postal rep The Coalition have put two fingers up to Royal Mail workers and the great majority of the population who oppose privatisation. They have gone straight for a sell-off, and of all the days they could have picked to announce it, they chose the day the result of the CWU postal […]

Workers Power  ·  09 October 2013

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