Nato and the end of Nordic neutrality? – Interview

THE RUSSIAN invasion of Ukraine has meant an all-out barrage of pro-Western imperialist propaganda in Western Europe. The warmongering and heightened aggression between the imperialist blocs has given the ruling classes here opportunities to shift balances in favour of U.S. imperialism and rearmament, with one major shift being Sweden and Finland rapidly applying for membership […]

Workers Power  ·  26 May 2022

“No need for a conspiracy”: antisemitism and free speech on Israel

Red Flag spoke to Naomi Wimbourne-Idrissi of the website ‘Free Speech on Israel’ about the continued charges of antisemitism levelled against the left in general and supporters of Corbyn in particular RED FLAG: First, who set up Free Speech on Israel and why? NAOMI WIMBOURNE-IDRISSI: It was earlier this year, that a number of us from […]

Workers Power  ·  07 November 2016

Jerry Hicks: our side needs to up the ante

An interview with Jerry Hicks, an organiser of Grass Roots Left, the rank and file movement in UNITE, and a long standing trade unions activist who is speaking on the Saturday of Anticapitalism 2011

Workers Power  ·  27 September 2011

The challenge of Capitalist Realism – rebuilding faith in a radical alternative

Mark Fisher, cultural critic, author of Capitalist Realism (Zero Books: 2009) and a lecturer at Goldsmiths and the University of East London, spoke to Simon Hardy about the state of modern politics, the power of ruling class ideology and the problems of the radical left in the face of the global capitalist crisis.

Workers Power  ·  27 September 2011

Interview with Ken Loach: “No wonder people are angry”

The British Film Industry is showing a retrospective of Ken Loach’s work during September and October. Here, we reprint a timely interview with Loach from November 2010, where he gives his views on film making and politics­­

Workers Power  ·  31 August 2011

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