anti-union laws

Tories rip up workers’ rights

By Jeremy Dewar PRIME MINISTER Rishi Sunak and business secretary Grant Shapps are rushing the Strikes (minimum service levels) Bill through parliament in order to deny workers the right to […]

Jeremy Dewar  ·  07 February 2023

We need a general strike to stop new anti-strike laws

RISHI SUNAK’S new anti-strike Bill aims to make any effective strike on the railways, in hospitals or in schools illegal, by requiring unions to negotiate ‘minimum service levels’ with their […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

Railroad strike ban: How can US trade unions defeat strike ban?

On 2 December, Biden signed legislation that blocked railroad workers from launching a nationwide strike for better jobs and conditions.

Dave Stockton  ·  18 December 2022

Smash the Tory anti-union drive

The unions must demand Labour commit to repealing every anti-union law.

Jeremy Dewar  ·  18 December 2022

New anti-union laws tighten the noose

What is the TUC going to do about it?

KD Tait  ·  02 November 2022

Southampton dockers defy anti-union laws in solidarity with Liverpool strike

By Dave Stockton Dockers in Southampton have refused to unload containers diverted from Liverpool, in defiance of shipping companies and government ministers attempts to undermine the Liverpool strike. This act […]

Dave Stockton  ·  01 October 2022

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