May 1937: When Spanish workers rose up to defend their revolution

In the first week of May, 85 years ago, the tragic end to the Spanish revolution played out on the streets of Barcelona.

30 April 2022

COP26: Governments fail to act (again)

Once again leaving the climate crisis in the hands of politicians and business has ended in failure.

10 December 2021

Battle of Blair Mountain: When miners took on the US state

By Chris Clough One hundred years ago, a five-day bloody battle raged in the US. A million rounds of ammunition were fired, and planes flew overhead dropping bombs and poison […]

10 October 2021

We need system change to stop climate change

By Chris Clough The world’s eyes will be fixed on the COP26 governmental conference on climate change in Glasgow from 1 to 12 November. But in truth little will be […]

09 October 2021

COP26 won’t avert climate catastrophe

Only a rapid and radical economic transformation can save us from climate disaster.

07 October 2021

Leftist Strike Leader Wins Election in Peru

The centerpiece of Castillo’s campaign was to call a constituent assembly.

11 July 2021

Mass movement shakes Colombia’s US backed government

Since April 28 Colombia has been in a state of rebellion.

26 May 2021

Joe Biden bombs back better

Biden bombs Syria

10 March 2021

Chile: Mass movement wins constitutional convention

From protests to the referendum and beyond.

04 November 2020

End Britain’s colonisation of the Chagos Islands

Return the Chagos Islands to Mauritius.

01 November 2020

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