Australia burns: who will douse the flames?

AS WILDFIRES rage across swathes of Australia tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in every major city to demand the resignation of the government and action […]

11 January 2020

Chile Rises Against Austerity

Chile joins a growing list of countries currently experiencing a mass revolt for a better world, free of corruption, poverty and austerity. These presently include Ecuador, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Sudan, Iraq, and Chile

19 November 2019

Climate scepticism captures the White House

WHEN PRESIDENT-ELECT Donald Trump selects one of the most notorious climate sceptics, Scott Pruit, to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) you know the planet is in trouble. Pruitt, […]

12 December 2016

Fracking menace threatens half of UK

MOST PEOPLE imagine that their fuel comes from oil platforms far out at sea, or wells in the desert, far away places removed from daily life. Energy companies go to […]

12 December 2016

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