14-19 August: Internationalism camp 2023

01 June 2023

To change the world, we must first understand it! That’s why we’re organising our Internationalism summer camp again this year.

Over more than 60 workshops we will deal with the causes of war and crisis. Together we want to discuss what effects the current world situation is having on the situation of women and LGBT+ people and take a closer look at the situation in countries like China, Russia or India.

We will also deal with how we can fight reformism and the need for a struggle against imperialist rearmament and militarism. How can the “system change” in the environmental movement move from slogan to action? What does it take to not only talk about expropriation, but also to be able to implement it? What demands and tactics bring us closer to ending capitalism?

We want to discuss these and other questions together with you!

When? 14–19 August

Where? Berlin (Brandenburg)



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