Which side are you on?

08 November 2015

By Richard Brenner

MILLIONS of people now have a choice.

You can choose David Cameron and the Tories who want to cut tax credits for working people, cut benefits for disabled people and people who have lost their jobs, raise tuition fees for students and cut taxes for the rich.

Or you can choose Labour under our new leader Jeremy Corbyn. A quarter of a million people voted for Jeremy and real opposition to the Tories. We want to tax the rich, not the poor. We want a National Education Service free for everyone from nursery to university.

A recent survey for the Independent newspaper found Jeremy Corbyn’s policies are popular: nationalising the railways, gas and electricity, holding down rents to private landlords and raising corporate tax and an end to free schools and academies.

And this is even before we’ve started campaigning for them. So judge for yourself – unelectable?

Now contrast them with the new Tory policies.

Scrapping tax credits even though they promised not to, spending billions on Trident and bombing Syria, selling off social housing and cutting affordable housing and doing nothing to rescue the British steel industry.

The Tories are in a hurry to do their dirty work and effect an irreversible transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, well in advance of the next election.

So we can’t wait until 2020. We need a mass social movement to bring down the Tories. Join Labour, join a union and join Red Flag today.

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