The Arab Spring ten years on

Its lessons and legacy.

Marcel Rajecky  ·  07 February 2021

UNICEF feeding the child victims of British imperialism this Christmas – in Southwark and Yemen

By KD Tait This Christmas, the UN humanitarian aid agency is helping provide food to thousands of school children over the school break. In May, before the coronavirus outbreak, 2.4 million, or 17 per cent, of children were living in households without enough food. By October, 900,000 more children had been registered for free school […]

KD Tait  ·  24 December 2020

Oppose UK support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen

By Marcus Halaby Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned prime minister Theresa May for her silence on Yemen prior to her recent visit to Saudi Arabia, pointing to the UK government’s “complicity in the Yemeni people’s suffering”. He has called for an end to the Saudi naval and air blockade of Yemen, which began on 6 […]

Workers Power  ·  08 December 2017

Labour, anti-imperialism and the war in Yemen

A socialist international policy has to confront the imperialist division of the world driven by capitalist competition between nation states

Workers Power  ·  07 December 2017

Britain complicit in Saudi war crimes

ON 8 OCTOBER, two bombs dropped by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen hit a funeral hall in the capital Sana’a while it was packed with mourners, killing more than 140 people and wounding about 500 more. Saudi officials at first denied that the airstrike ever took place, only later accepting responsibility while claiming it was […]

Workers Power  ·  07 November 2016

Saudi Arabia, US ally with problems

By Marcus Halaby For all David Cameron’s boasting that he has 70,000 “moderate” Syrian oppositionists ready to act as boots on the ground in the fight against ISIS, there is precious little sign of them being brought into action. It now seems that they will only be usable after a “political process” has engineered a […]

Workers Power  ·  26 January 2016

Civil war in Yemen: towards reaction or revolution?

The conflict in Yemen is growing, writes Chris Newcombe, as the fate of the country is decided by the masses

Workers Power  ·  27 June 2011

Class struggle bulletin

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