Vladimir Lenin

B is for Bolshevism

Bolshevism is the model of democracy and unity that won the world's first socialist revolution

Workers Power  ·  07 October 2018

The July Days: How the Bolsheviks narrowly avoided disaster

The following article was written on the 70th anniversary of the July days by Dave Hughes (1948-1991) and appears as a chapter in the Road to Red October

Workers Power  ·  02 August 2017

Spotlight on communist policy: Democratic Centralism

In the last year or two a major debate has been taking place over Lenin’s model of the revolutionary party. Given that over a century has elapsed since it was developed why has it returned with a vengeance? Quite simply because the Bolsheviks alone managed to lead a real workers’ revolution, based on the democracy […]

Workers Power  ·  14 May 2013

The Revolutionary Party

The resistance today, from Tunisia and Egypt to Wisconsin and London, has brought a fundamental question back into focus. What forms of organisation and what type of politics should we adopt in the fight against capitalism? How can we orientate the new movements towards the socialist goal? How do we avoid repeating the mistakes of […]

Workers Power  ·  27 June 2011

Party and Programme: Lenin and Luxemburg against Opportunism and Centrism – Part 3

Dave Hughes concludes the series by looking at Lenin and Luxemburg’s fights for the revolutionary programme within the Second International In the last article we examined the struggle waged by Lenin and the Bolsheviks within the shattered framework of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party between 1903 and 1912. We showed that this was a struggle against opportunism […]

Workers Power  ·  04 October 1978

Class struggle bulletin

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