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Unison left splits after election defeat

The left should agree a common slate for NEC elections based on based on building a rank-and-file led class struggle union

Jeremy Dewar  ·  11 February 2021

Vote Paul Holmes – but organise the rank and file!

Unison General Secretary election.

Jeremy Dewar  ·  23 November 2020

All change at Unison?

Vote Paul Homles for Unison General Secretary

Jeremy Dewar  ·  08 October 2020

Defrosting Unison

By Jeremy Dewar LOCAL GOVERNMENT officers, health workers and school support staff will gather in Brighton in mid-June ostensibly to discuss and debate the way forward for Unison, the principle public sector union. In reality it will be a frustrating week, listening to endless and highly inappropriate self-congratulation from the top table. Motions or amendments […]

Workers Power  ·  15 June 2018

Class struggle bulletin

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