StWC – Stop the War Coalition

Iraq 20 years on: lessons in how not to stop a war

Why did the biggest protests in British history fail?

Dave Stockton  ·  27 March 2023

Leaflet to Stop the War Conference 2015

Leaflet to the June 2015 Stop the War Conference [scribd-url pubid=”24852238179500127593153362″ url=”” ]

Workers Power  ·  05 June 2015

Stop new imperialist war in Iraq and Syria

Download as PDF On September 10 US President Barack Obama launched a full-scale aerial war in Iraq and Syria against the forces of ISIS, the “Islamic State”, which overran large […]

Workers Power  ·  03 October 2014

No imperialist attacks on Syria – victory to the revolution

Our leaflet to the Stop the War demonstration; against the intervention of Russia and the west – full support for the revolutionary demands and struggle of the people of Syria.

Workers Power  ·  31 August 2013

No to imperialist intervention – yes to the Syrian people’s revolution

By Marcus Halaby / 30 August 2013 On 21 August, reports emerged that hundreds of people had been killed in a chemical weapons attack in Eastern Ghouta, a rebel-held agricultural […]

Workers Power  ·  30 August 2013

Troops out of Afghanistan

Marcus Halaby reports on the endgame in Afghanistan In late August the number of American troops killed in the war in Afghanistan reached a total of 2,000. This includes those […]

Workers Power  ·  15 October 2012

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